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30 Things To Do In Mumbai - To Experience The City Like A Local

A rich history, cosmopolitan society and a "Get up and Go" attitude are the three cornerstones of what makes Mumbai thrive. It's the financial capital of the country, the epicentre of Bollywood and also home to the largest slum in Asia-these are just some of the complexities and contradictions that make up the character of Mumbai


Who does not want a Honeymoon where the sand is swept away from beneath you by the waves that kiss your feet, or one where you are surrounded by nature's green canopy while you stand hand in hand with your soul mate! Now sit back and relax and have a look at a few best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Rise of experiential travelling, why plan your own trip rather than fixed tour packages!

A lot of travel companies noticed the rise during the January and February holiday sale peak. Where they noticed cooking classes, dining for two on an island or just experiencing the culture through local guides had a rise. People want to get a feeling for the place they are visiting and they will do that by experiencing the people and their culture.


The best places to spend your next layover. Planes need a flat- well, mostly flat- place to land.People need a place to assemble before hopping on that next flight.So why not do it all with some splendor and magnificence?We run down the 8 most impressive airports in the world!

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