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General information

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is Leamigo?

    Leamigo connects travellers with passionate local people and enables experiencing a place at its crust. Our strictly verified local guides are not just enthusiastic, but are also very well experienced, and cater to personalised interests of the travellers.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWho can become an amigo?

    Anyone can become an amigo! Are you a talented foodie? Are you a musician? Are you a historian? Do you love your city and can’t wait to show the hidden gems through the eyes of a local? Or do you have an incredible skill that you would love to share?  

    Become an amigo by simply clicking on join as local amigo, leamigo will get back to you soon. 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightIn which countries are you present?

    Leamigo is present in more than 80+ countries and 200+ cities around the world. Our top destinations include Mumbai, New York, Rome, Bangkok, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

    Haven’t spotted us in your country yet? Drop us an email and tell us what kind of experience you have in mind: contact@leamigo.com.com 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat services does Leamigo offer you as an amigo?

    Leamigo offers amigo a platform to offer their experience to travellers from around the world. To enable travellers to find unique experiences and have an excellent customer experience, Leamigo delivers several services:

    a. An easy to use mobile application to receive and manage bookings.

    b. Promotions of experiences on the platform through many different marketing channels. 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat kind of experience can I offer?

    Food Experiences - Are you a true foodie? Earn money as a passionate home chef! Host a home dinner for guests and present them your favorite meal. Share a meal, make new friends and create connections.

    Things To Do - Show guests your own community and the best places in your neighborhood. Create your own unique tour! Everything from: “The best food stalls in Mumbai” to “Urban biking through Amsterdam” or a “Yoga and meditation in Nepal”.

    Walking Tours -

    Share history and culture of your city through walking tours of important sights and landmarks


  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat pay-out methods do you offer?

    All of our local amigo will be paid by PayPal or bank transfer when possible. However, in some countries PayPal is not available. In these cases, the guest receives a bill from us before your experience and pays you in cash after the experience.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhen do I get online payment for my experience?

    Your payment is transferred to you within 3 days after the experience. You receive the payment the same day as it is transferred to you via your PayPal account. Payments are 100% guaranteed once the experience has taken place.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

    Yes, as a local amigo you are responsible for complying with the applicable tax laws in your country related to the payment you receive.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWill I get paid if a traveler cancels or doesn’t show up?

    If a booking gets canceled from the guest’s side more than 7 days before the experience date, you won’t be paid. If a booking is canceled less than 7 days before the experience takes place or if the guest doesn’t show up, we will pay you depending on the payment method you’ve selected.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWill there be an additional fee for receiving money through PayPal or bank transfer?

    No, there won’t be any additional fee for this. The payment fees are already included in the Withlocals service fee.


  • keyboard_arrow_rightI already have a full-time job, can I still be an amigo?

    Being an amigo is a completely freelance position. You can choose your own days, dates, etc. on which you’re available. This can range for instance from half a day per month, to multiple days per week.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I receive bookings?

    As soon as you are selected to become an amigo, you’ll be able to get bookings. You can easily manage your profile and activities through the Amigo App. Control your availability in your agenda and you’ll be in charge of your own bookings. Received a booking request? Just confirm it within 24 hours, before it expires and gets canceled automatically. Get in touch with guests through the the mobile app to discuss details.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan I reject bookings?

    Yes, but it affects your confirmation rate which is very important while giving booking to you. The confirmation rate shows the percentage of bookings that are confirmed by you. If this is low, it’s less appealing for us to list your experience.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan I host an experience together with other people?

    Great idea! The best way to do this is to create multiple profiles, but you can still all host the same activity. This way, not only you, but also your friends can receive guests. This will also result in more bookings, which will benefit you all!

  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can I receive more bookings?

    Of course, there’s a broad range of factors that influence how many booking requests you’ll receive. Some aspects you might not be able to influence, such as country, area etc.

    You will certainly increase the number of bookings if you write a great description of your offer. Try to make your offer as appealing as possible by highlighting the unique aspects. Also, offer competitive prices, and make sure you offer good availability in terms of dates and times.

     Good hosts will be rewarded, because they will be booked more often based on positive reviews received by guests.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow does the review system work?

    Reviews are very important to both amigos and guests. The more positive the experience is, the more positive the guest’s review will be. And the more reviews guests write about amigos after an experience, the more likely you will be booked by other guests. So make sure your guest knows about the importance of reviews and that he or she can write a review after the experience.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWill I be notified when my offer is booked?

    Yes. You will receive an automatic email and text message after a guest books your experience. You’ll also receive a notification in the ‘Message’ tab about the booking where you can confirm the booking or propose another date.

    For your convenience, don’t forget to download the Leamigo Amigo app. 

Safety and trust

  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I know if a guest can be trusted?

    Leamigo is an open marketplace, which means that the booking is made between you and the guest. Every amigo and guest need to create profiles on the website and give some information about themselves. This way we make sure you get to know a bit about the guest and what you can expect. Our chat system in app helps you ask all the questions you want so things are clear. You won’t be able to exchange contact details before a booking is confirmed for privacy reasons.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhy do I need to give you my contact details such as address, social profile and phone number?

    In case of a bad experience, Leamigo will transfer the payment to you. Your payment is guaranteed depending on the payment method you’ve selected.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAre there any legal restrictions?

    Leamigo is open for everyone. However, it is up to you to make sure if there are any specific legal restrictions or laws applicable to the experience you’re offering and to adhere to those.

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