/Top 8 Adventurous Places to visit in Delhi for Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Top 8 Adventurous Places to visit in Delhi for Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Delhi – The capital metro city of India is a playground for cultural, political, social and economical activities in India. While being grounded with cultural beliefs and history, the city also reaches new heights with its high-rise buildings, nightlife, and eclectic bazaars. But if you thought that Places to visit in Delhi are just limited to restaurants and parks– probably you haven’t explored the adventurous side of Delhi.

Things to do In Delhi -Top Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Like any other adventurous place in India, Delhi too hosts a variety of exciting indoor and outdoor activities for people to indulge in. With the right place and people, you can break free from the hustle of the city and get an adrenaline rush at these adventurous places in Delhi.

Flyboy Air Safari, Gurgaon

Your dream to fly like a bird becomes a reality at the Flyboy Air Safari in Gurgaon. This is one of the popular adventure sports spots in Delhi NCR which provides you with an automated parachute that operates on motor and propeller. With your local amigo, you can take a ride through the unique Flyboy machine and take a bird’s eye view of the city. The trained pilots let you wander across the sky for a ride of 6 to 24kms and enjoy the experience of flying. So be it capturing a beautiful sunset or just taking a sky stroll of the city – Flyboy Aero Park at Sohna (Gurgaon) makes your childhood dream come true.


 Mountaineering at Indian Mountaineering Foundation (South Campus)

You don’t need to go to Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand to have a taste of mountain climbing. If you are a beginner and want to explore the beauty of mountain climbing, the Indian Mountaineering Foundation at South Campus hosts a powerful rock climbing activity inside the city itself. Although, not as mighty as the Mount Everest but the mountaineering experience here is a reminiscence of adventure and excitement calling all the hikers and climbers their share of adventure. With proper harness and safe set-up, you can learn how to climb a mountain and enjoy the rush that comes with it.

 Wild camping at Dhauj (Faridabad)


Wild camping is actually a walk into the natural plethora with safari adventures and eco-friendly lodges that bring you closer to nature. The Wild camping spot at Dhauj is one of a kind adventure zone where you can try a host of adventure experiences like rock climbing, zorbing, river crossing, cliff jumping, raft building, rappelling and more. Featured amongst the top adventure zones in Delhi, including the popular adventure show MTV Roadies, Wild Camping is your pick if you want to explore new horizons in De



The experience of paragliding is like no other! But it isn’t just limited to the valleys and mountains of the Himalayas! You can have a first-hand experience of Paragliding at the Vill-Karanki Khedli at the Sohna Gurgaon for a breathtaking session of flying over natural lands. With the help of a parachute, you can glide in the air and breathe the natural air above the Gurgaon lands with great exquisite. This 30-minute ride will leave you spellbound with the majestic views of Gurgaon you could have never thought of!

 Bunjee Jumping at Sainik Farm


For the wanderlusts not fearful of heights, bungee jumping is the getaway to see the world differently. Imaging yourself jumping from a 170m long cliff and falling free flow from the height into Greenland with your hands almost touching the greenery! Well, that is what the Wanderlust Adventure Sports at Sainik Farm are to offer you. Inside the Garden of Five senses, you don’t just get to see the colorful gardens but jump from a height to get an exclusive view. Feeling excited? This one’s worth it all!

 Amidst the stars at Nehru Planetarium


Once a popular outing spot for most of Delhi schools as an astronomical science expedition, the Nehru Planetarium has become a hotspot for the people who crave to have a look at the galaxy. Escape to the mighty world of stars, planets and our own galaxy while sitting inside the planetarium. With a guide citing facts about the solar system and sharing with you the insights of history it’s a joy ride into the sky without having to move.

Off-Road expedition at Baliyavas


Ever had a fantasy to drive too off-roads with your own adventure vehicle? It’s time to make it true with the Off-road Adventure zone in Delhi. With uneven roads extending across unpredicted lands, the natural beauty of the surroundings, dust blowing through the vehicle tyres and drive of a premium adventure vehicle, the expedition offers the adventure enthusiasts a perfect taste of how it feels like to go on an off-road drive. From pre-set tracks to mud, water, and dusty roads, this adventure zone offers both two-wheeler and four-wheeler driving experience to find your wild. Now a major hub for the top car brands advertisement and trials, you can be thrilled with the power of vehicles here!

Awara Adventure Farm Sohna


Awara Adventure Farm at Sohna is a weekend getaway from the hustle of the city into nature. Designed to be a farm, this Adventure zone offers a variety of adventure activities to the visitors. Nestled amongst the Aravalli Hills, the Aravalli Retreat lets you indulge into activities like a suspension bridge, commando net, Tarzan swing, paintball, tire wall, zip lines, Burma bridge, etc. Bringing some village style games like Pichu, Gilli Danda, Matka phorh, kho-kho, etc are some exclusive retreats like rain dance, swimming pool, etc. One can indulge in indoor and outdoor games too while they stay here. It’s a complete adventure zone into nature including indoor and outdoor games.

Amidst the hustling city are some exclusive spots which help you unwind and answer your quest for adventure. What were you looking for?