//Places To Visit In Delhi For Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Places To Visit In Delhi For Indoor and Outdoor Activities


There was a time when malls and shopping center were the way to heavy or we can say dates where people can spend some quality time with each other. However, now the time has changed. Old Fort and India Gate are not the only places left if you are in Delhi. There are so many things that you can do and visit in Delhi that will extinguish your wish to go to other places. Dil walo ki Delhi is simply so amazing.

Here are the top places you can explore and experience a beautiful and refreshing view.

Moti Bagh – Indian Mountaineering Foundation

If you have an adventurous heart irrespective of your age then it’s a place to keep it at the top of your list as well. This is the perfect idea to have some quality time with a little touch of physical activity. The climbing wall– which is obviously artificial –is the center of attraction that is made as per the International standards. And when you will try to climb it all the way up will be an experience for a lifetime.

Saket – Ice Lounge

There is no doubt that Delhi is an amazing place, but the hot weather condition is the struggle. You don’t have to be worried about the blazing sun now, there might be no ice hotel around but there is just another amazing thing available – The Ice Lounge. Warm the heart of your date or better half with the freezing temperature at this exquisite lounge.

Chattarpur – Shootout Zone

Bring out your inner child and get some badass attitude on within it. Everyone wants to go back to those days of careless attitude of the school and this place is a perfect reflection of it. With the fun-loving glares on, you can enjoy as much as you want with everyone’s favorite game of Paintball. It is one of the most thrilling games that will have your adrenaline rush to the top.

Nehru Planetarium

One of the most generic and amazing places that must not be missed is – Nehru Planetarium. It is one of the most mysterious places that will give you all the insights into the universe. From its working to how it is spreading out its magic for many years without failing. The stargazers will love this place and with the amazing view, even you won’t regret your decision.

Narnaul, Mahendragarh – Sky Diving

Who says that you need to go out of county to enjoy the small wonders of the world? Here is our very own and only aero center in India for skydiving venture that will make you rush to Mahendragarh right this instant. The beautiful place will make you jump down the total of 50 kilometres have a sporting date.


If you are a fan of a long drive and want to plan out something on that road then Delhi-Chandigarh Highway is the best location to opt for. It is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places to visit for those office weekends celebration. However, the historical monuments are not that well-known as the one that is located in Delhi but it is one of the most appealing places to explore. If you don’t want to roam around then go to Murthal for their amazing cuisine and especially Paranthe that will be ladled with butter.

Kalindi Kunj – Delhi Eye

There is nothing better than to sit right next to the loved ones while having a mad dash to the city drive. It will be a splendid experience when you will watch the city driving away while you are on a wheel. The wheel ride will allow you to have a perfect crazy experience. It will be fun and more exciting with friends while shouting when you reach at the topmost of the Delhi Eye.

Sohna – Awara Adventure Farm

Now you can actually experience a whole new way to enjoy a memorable time at Awara Adventure Farm. They are exactly located in Aravali Hills – which is another reason to visit it due to the serene beauty –has a farm that covered a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities. They will include Burma Bridge, commando net, Tennis, Pitthu, Chess, Zipline, Matka Phorh, Balance Walk, and the list goes on.

At last, no matter where you are or what activities you are involved in, make sure that you enjoy at your best and create zillions of memory of your fun time.