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Ahoneymoon is a celebration of the beautiful bond of marriage! And to celebrate this special time, a couple needs nothing short of a paradise. Bali is the most serene, romantic and memorable escape for the couples to celebrate their new journey of love. With vivid landscapes, tropical green forests, majestic views, rejuvenation in the lap of nature, and delicious cuisine, Bali builds up a world of places to visit in Bali for honeymoon idyllic for the couples to immerse into for their short found stay.

Must Visit Places In Bali For Honeymoon

Here are Top 5 honeymoon places to visit in Bali for your honeymoon to express your love in every unimaginable way possible to your partner and experience a romantic vacation amidst the pristine set-up.

1) Uluwatu – Where the air reciprocates the love

Uluwatu is one of the hottest peninsular spots for couples to head into Bali. With the infinity view and the secluded beaches of Suluban and Balangan offering some of the majestic views – it is gathering momentum as a chosen spot for weddings too. Overlooking the vast ocean, feeling the fresh breeze and walking across the beach is one of the serene experiences especially when there are not much of tourists around. Into the arms of nature, it’s the most secluded, beautiful and romantic experience for the couple to spend some quality time! Tip: Don’t miss on the visit to the Uluwatu Temple!


2) Mount Batur – a trek into nature!

Trekking on the volcanic mountain is unmissable when in Bali. And Mount Batur is the destination for it. Getting up in the dark morning hours, walking through the concrete jungles, villages, and highlands, catching glimpses of panoramic views and hot springs on this romantic sojourn is unforgettable. And finally, when you watch the sunrise turning the world into gold – it’s a sight to catch with your loved one. Dreamt of a trekking experience with your partner – this is one!


3) Tanah Lot Temple on to Canggu

One of the iconic Balinese temple and mythological place for the country is the Tanah Lot Temple in Bali. It is one of the seven sea temples in Bali holding its majestic beauty and untold story for the travelers to explore. On the way to Canggu halt at the temple to capture glimpses of it and wander through the river creeks, villages and rice paddy fields on to the beach to catch a glimpse of a glorious sunset. You could take a Horse-drawn bend ride too to add to the vintage style and filmy effect.

4) Pub Hopping at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is the hot spot for the party lovers, yoga practices, Adventurists and the shoppers as the whole area is dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment. At Kuta beach, you can indulge into a number of water sports, enjoy the Balinese music, delve into the party culture, shop from the local community markets and even practice yoga with some travelers on the beach. As the sun goes down, Kuta Beach turns into a new world of colors and music with its dotted clubs and bars that offer some excellent food, rhythm, and feel. Immerse into the pulsating feel of nightlife in Bali at the Kuta Beach.

5) Ubud – an escape!

Ubud is a mind-blowing addition to your honeymoon itinerary. The silence and serenity of the place are what appeals. With rice terrains, coffee plantations, villages, cooking workshops, jewelry making art and more it is a journey into a land where everything handmade and craft is brought to life. Experience the chocolate tours at the Big Tree Farm, swing on the larger than life swings held at the coffee plantations or taste the local cuisine – it’s your time into the old village style living!


Bali is a journey into paradise. If you have been planning for a holiday that gives you escape from the world and rejuvenates your senses – this is the place to be!

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