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The European core of IT, an onlooker of history, a hub for entertainment and a place of vibrant culture – Berlin is a world city. It’s a city that has every taste for every interest having its own style of quirk. The former capital of Nazis, is also a city that hardly sleeps. Infrastructurally developed, having a jazzy nightlife yet historically live – the city offers sweeping views of its dominant history at every step. Stroll through the Museum Island – a melting pot for museums encompassing UNESCO World Heritage Site museums as well as globally impressive ones. Eccentric themed hotels – another off-beat fact of the city! Music, art, zoo, bikini, the city even has a museum themed hotel. Eclectic architecture, unfussy fashion and laid back Berliners – there, now you know the basics of the city. When it comes to gastronomy, the city is pure joy – sausages, pretzels, infinite delicacies of potatoes and oh, how can one forget BEER! Lager beer, pilsner, white beer, dark beer and other numerous kinds of beer are worth the exploration. Trip to Berlin will be just incomplete without trying the Berliner Kindl – the 200-years-old legendary brewery in Berlin. There’s no stop for innovation and creativity in the city for the Berliners always encourage new ideas and imagination. Berlin is one tasty dish to savour with endless euphoric sauces.

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