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Bali – is a sublime tropical treat. This Indonesian island has not only been loved by the beach lovers but also has been declared as the world’s top destination by TripAdvisor. Tropics, coral island and Hindu temples – these are the main characteristics of the island. The island loves to preserve its holiness and ritualistic vibes in the form of its ancient temples creating blissful aura all over. Some of these temples provide stunning sunset views by the dancing sea waves. Volcanoes in Bali are amusing too, being Mount Agung and Mount Batur active volcanoes and a hit amongst the tourists. Balinese art surely diverse being the traditional dance their favourite way of expression. Most of the dance performances either depict extracts from the stories of Ramayana or a taste of the day-to-day Balinese life. World’s most expensive coffee – Kopi Luwak, as they call it, is largely produced on the island – here’s the quirky fact about it – the coffee cherries are eaten and digested by the Asian palm civet after which the coffee is brewed! A perfect mix of Malay, Burmese and Indian ingredients is the Balinese cuisine. Roasted pork, steamy soup bowls and spicy barbecued seafood is where the Balinese heart lives. Beer lovers? This is totally your thing – try out some mood-lifting local beers lazying-out on a calm wavy beach – tranquillity at its best.

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