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The city of dreamers and strugglers, full of glamour and dazzle and India’s financial high-flyer – Mumbai is much more than just gigantic. The city hasn’t only witnessed worlds’ greatest gangsters but also millionaires. The cultural melting pot includes a cosmopolitan lifestyle and is home to the glitterati of the Bollywood industry. An important feature that glues the varied shades of the city altogether is the vast Arabian sea. Pulse of the city? Doubtlessly the feisty local trains of the city. Irani cafes, Chai Tapris, street food joints, quirky bistros, groovy discos and high-end restaurants – you name it and the city has it. Luxuriant outlook as well as much undiscovered serenity, biggest slums of Asia as well as big mansions of the millionaires, upscale malls as well as divine temples – it’s how the city contradictorily surprises you. Flea markets, street shopping, designer boutiques and art galleries – the city offers it all just about the perfect amount. Housing the major financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, many Indian and multinational companies, the city also holds three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city represents a blend of Gothic, Indo-Saracenic and Art Deco style of architecture. Welcome to the city where every bit of diversity is enamoured!

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