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Colombo - the Sri Lankan capital with hustle-bustle and fulfilled joyous vibes all along. Where history roams peeking through its monuments and vital landmarks created by the Dutch, British and Portuguese. Colombo Harbour - the busiest port in the country - a benchmark of the city’s rapid growth for which the Portuguese are worth remembering for. Showcasing highlights of the Dravidian style of architecture that roots from the southern parts of India - is one of the things that the city strongly displays its bond with India. Buddhism is spreaded all over creating most of the monuments the star of the city - Gangaramaya Temple - for instance. Buddha’s birth - is a festival that the Colomboites celebrate with all their heart and soul. Museums and performing arts are encouraged here, but cricket in the city that the locals live for. The city is home to two most famous international cricket stadiums and the sport is played most commonly on the streets and beaches. Sharing bond with India strongly reflects here - food! Most of the diet staples in the country have strong influences of the south Indian cuisine. Start your day with steamy hoppers (bowl-shaped dosas with different fillings, most commonly eggs), binge on the lip-smacking coastal delicacy - Ambul Thiyal (sour fish curry) and don’t forget to glug on Wood Apple Juice - a favourite local drink with smooth texture of coconut milk.

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