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About Moscow

Coldest megacity on the earth and Europe’s most populated city – Moscow is all about magnificence. Blooming under the Tsardom, the city sweeps through the renaissance style architecture, making Saint Basil’s Cathedral the landmark of the city, while the old streets are dominated by convents and monasteries. The city’s heartbeat – Kremlin is all filled with the reminiscents of the Soviet era including the former residence of the Moscow tsar. Contributing to Europe’s MUST VISIT museums, the city has most of its museums opened during the soviet era containing classic artwork of the soviet artisans. Concert halls, ballet theatres, music conservatories – the city overfloods with unending affection for music. Muscovites have undying love for gluten, for instance, Bliny (Russian style thin pancakes) is what they start their day with, Pelmeni (meat / seafood dumplings) is what they binge on for brunch along side a fair amount of salad olivier or simply the Russian Salad and finally indulging into dessert – Ptichie Moloko (chocolate crusted milk cake) – arguably delicious dessert in the country. Something that the Muscovites live by is the city’s nightlife. Despite of having a numerous options of bars, lounges and trendy clubs, the DJ houses in the city are most recommended. Party Hard – is what their motto.

What people are saying about Moscow

"“Truly Informative”"

Guide were utterly charming with incredible English and extensive knowledge of the city and its history. We highly recommend Moscow Private Tours, especially for those with few days to spend in the city.


A wonderful guide very flexible and informative great tour to see all the wonderful sights at night. It was such a beautiful and peaceful night, I enjoyed it a lot too!

Experience Moscow By Night Reviewed by Leena

"“Highly Recommend”"

Excellent tour with an very informative and delightful guide. Excellent range of food. Delicious food and great company! Highly recommend this tour to people who love food, culture.

Moscow's Food Culture Reviewed by Joe


We enjoyed out tour with guide and got to know some interesting historical details. Just every now and then we would have liked to stay at certain stations longer to take in more details.

Moscow Metro Legends Tour Reviewed by Carole

"“Interesting and Fun”"

I loved the tour, it was very informative, it made me understand Moscow’s history. We walked to many monuments and buildings and our tour guide did an exquisite job, she was very friendly, an explanation were clear. Thanx Leamigo

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