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About Kyoto

Kyoto – Japan’s former capital and a major cultural melting pot of the country, the city wins hearts presenting its unique features – traditional Japanese temples and gardens. The heart of the Geisha culture, the city is also where the tea is been drunk for more than thousand years. The city is home to more than twelve hundred temples and shrines, most of which being entitled as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether it be ’Kansai’, the spoken dialect in the city or wearing a kimono – Kyotoites keep their individualistic approach. Apart from the pagoda styled architectural themes, the city is the birth place of origami – an unconventional Japanese art of folding papers into decorative shapes and designs. Where tofu is inevitable in the Kyotoite diet, the Kyotoites also prefer their shojin ryori i.e. the Japanese Buddhist vegetarian meal. A number of Michelin starred restaurants, relaxed cafes, swanky bars are to-go-go, on the other hand, the rinky-dink ramen joints are a staple. Mainstream popularity factor of the city apart from the temples and shrines is the city’s unique festivals. Two of the three vital festivals of Japan originate in the city – namely – Aoi Matsuri and Gion Matsuri, both including a massive parade and known for being over thousand years old.

What people are saying about Kyoto

"Best way to see the historic places in Kyoto "

The tour is awesome. Ayumu was Great , He showed us everything and explained very well the history behind it. awesome guide for my family with two kids. He is very knowledgeable of the Japanese culture and history. Speak English very well. I will definitely recommend this tour. Thank you , leamigo .

"Had a fantastic time on this magical trip"

We spent a great night with Akari, discovered a few nice local places, had a talk about many things and also had some new drinks which we never had before. The evening met all expectations which we didnt even expected. I highly recommend this tour

Kyoto Magic At Night Reviewed by Jionni

"A serene, and dreamlike forest close to Kyoto"

Just a short 20 minute train ride from Kyoto Central Station our guide took us to this truly magical place which blew my mind. Passing through the narrow pathways of emerald green, swaying bamboo. Sunrays sparkling through the lush green leaves above me, breaking through and gently illuminating the endless walls of towering bamboo trees while casting soft shadows on the path beside me. A soft breeze sweeps through the greenery, whispers through the forest. For a moment, I was sure there's ancient Japanese ninjas jumping from tree to tree.

Magical Arshiyama-Bamboo Grove Reviewed by Broderick

"Hands on Culture!"

Our hotel recommended this activity so i booked this tour from leamigo and on a rainy day in Kyoto this turned out to be a really great treat (pun intended). The chef/teacher didn't speak much English, but it was relatively straight-forward to follow along with the chef's actions, and the printed instructions (in English). It was really fun to mold little balls of sugar into beautiful, colorful confectionery creations.once again thank you japan and thank you leamigo for this beautiful experience

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