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Ho Chi Minh


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About Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam’s proud triumph – Ho Chi Minh City, is a megacity and a commercial centre of the country. Formerly known as Saigon, the city is the most visited city in Vietnam gaining over 6 million visitors every year. Modern cityscapes give a subtle touch of the city’s French history through its structures in the old streets. The city loves adapting current and trendy music genres, being Electronic Dance Music amongst the country’s favourites. Another art form appreciated by the country is its art galleries. The city has varied options of both Eastern and Western style of art. Just as the city pleases you overall, it gives you chills with its unique historical site – the Cu Chi Tunnels – underground tunnels used by the Viet Cong soldiers as their hiding spot. Authentic vibes of the city? Feel it in the Ben Thanh market – the city’s pumping nerve. Vietnamese handicrafts and souvenirs are a treat here, along with the feast of mouth-watering street food. Banh Mi – a Vietnamese sandwich made with Vietnamese wheat baguette and filled with pork, chilli and soy sauce – HEAVEN! Ho Chi Minh men can’t have enough of a fair dose of Ruou Nep Cam (sticky rice wine). The wine can be well-accompanied with barbecued meat or seafood.

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