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Bologna – a city that carries archetypical Roman culture and is also amongst the top quality-of-life- cities in Italy. Romanesque-Gothic architecture, red-slated roofs, cosy open-air markets and wide plaza filled with the historical landmarks – that’s the scenery in the city. Titled as the “City of Music” by the UNESCO, the city is home to the contemporary and theatrical music contemporaries as well as notably known Bologna University – the oldest academic university in the world dating back to 1088 AD. Not only does the city preserves its traditional music culture but also promotes various upcoming singers-songwriters and rock bands. Originator of the world famous delight – Parmesan cheese, the city keeps its pleasure being the largest producer of the same. The city also conducts various Parmesan Cheese Factory tours. Here’s an idea of a day in Bologna : start your day appreciating the astounding artwork in the art galleries, spend some time with astonishing Baroque music and Roman structures, get to know the locals visiting the petit dodgy allies and colourful market, gorge on the local delicacies such as Panino, Ricotta, Bolognese Pasta and lastly, get soaked up in a local jazz bar sipping on white wine.

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