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Rise of experiential travelling, why plan your own trip rather than fixed tour packages!

Rise of experiential travelling, why plan your own trip rather than fixed tour packages!

2018-06-30 Nazeeb Ahmad 0 Uncategorized

Several travel agencies find that a sense of adventure amongst travelers has become even stronger. Therefore are hotels and different destinations investing in experiences to show their countries unique experiences, people and culture rather than staying in a hotel pool for the whole week.

A lot of travel companies noticed the rise during the January and February holiday sale peak. Where they noticed cooking classes, dining for two on an island or just experiencing the culture through local guides had a rise. People want to get a feeling for the place they are visiting and they will do that by experiencing the people and their culture.

Travel bloggers have now a huge impact on experiential traveling today. People will read their stories and feel how they experienced the place and would want to experience the same!

So this question comes up now. Should we plan our trip by ourselves or have a fixed tour? I will tell you why you should plan it for yourself!

Almost every time you will be in a group where everyone has different decisions. It will surely happen that your group decide something you don't agree on but, will need to do anyway. You will have all your costs fixed. That means you won't be able to negotiate or buy something cheaper if you find a deal in that store or restaurant. Of course, it's nice to know your budget but, travel should be a little bit adventurous and knowing everything beforehand take that away.

Your group can be the worse people you ever meet. Of course, the agencies market themselves with happy faces on their brochures so people will think. Wow they made friends in 0.3454 seconds so I can do it too. That is not always the case and you will be stuck with people you don't like!

So now going to the independent travel. It will challenge you. A lot. Travel is all about that. You need to grow and being in a new city or country makes it a challenge. "One thing that I love about traveling is feeling disoriented and removed from my comfort zone- Sarah Glidden. You will be able to make your own choices and I personally love that! If I see that cool place 800 meters in front of me I will just go there and explore it. The feeling of nobody stopping me is great and you won't experience it with a fixed tour.

My favorite argument here is that you will be able to meet people like you while traveling alone. If you are traveling to southeast Asia which is a paradise for backpackers who are open to meeting new people. By doing that you will get friends for life. Trust me!

Travel can bring out parts of you that you didn’t know existed. You can do things like take the train in Thailand, eat fermented shark in Iceland, and bargain for a week-long stay in Thailand. These accomplishments will learn you some unique life skills that you will able to use in your real life at home! Leamigo Is a great Travel agency who actually offers experiences with great locals so if you want to plan your own trip you can always start with one of their local guides and they will help you out

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