//Why Is Women Travel Even A Topic Of Discussion?

Why Is Women Travel Even A Topic Of Discussion?

Societal norms, emotional baggage, unsafe world, patriarchy, misogyny, or may be just a personal notion of being unsafe – Women travel has become more of a discussion than joy! It’s time to break the glass ceiling!

Ever since travel has become main stream, solo travel stories have stormed the social media handles. It has become a new way to not just explore a new place but also what lies within. It only makes sense for people to explore new horizons and answer their fetish of new experiences.

With the awareness of world safety, more digital aids and internet to find answer to every problem – travel industry has grown to be a more transparent one! While the number of women solo travelers is on a rise, there is still an inherent discussion about how women travel is unsafe, scary and sometimes downright dark!

The 21st Century Challenge: Women Solo Travel

It’s not a perfect world!

While men and couple travelers enjoy the perks of traveling safely, women solo travelers actually have to prepare for a lot of uncomfortable situations before they hop on the flights. And the disparity is so high that it actually takes crossing over a lot of societal norms, cultural barriers, monetary bondage and of course their own notions before they set ahead.

World development has brought everything under access in a matter of a few clicks but women safety is a far sighted thought that still lies unaddressed!

The women travelers are challenged at every step despite their success, independence and ability to stand-up for themselves. So no matter if she covers her body entirely and walks on a street sober carrying a pepper spray, a safety gadget, smart phone, or even pointed shoes – she is as much unsafe in Egypt, Iran and France as she is in Indonesia and India.

The wonderful problem about women travel!

One of the most interesting and yet frustrating problems for women travelers has been the love and care from the family. (Believe it or not – It’s real!) It is the concern for wellbeing and happiness that becomes sometimes a bondage that voices uncomfortable thoughts and does not let the women cross the bridge!

Call it misogyny, patriarchal society or parents who are too scared of letting their daughters go alone into an unsafe world – It stops the steps from moving forward. There is a Cha-Cha-Cha of angry and hurt feelings mixed with a dash of stereotypes and overpowering societal notions that leads to uncomfortable voices like:

What is the need to travel ALONE?

There is no way a woman should be ALLOWED to travel SOLO

Being Alone in a new place is risky!

It is an emotional, scary and uncomfortable fight for women to break these shackles and set free!

The flag-bearers of women travel

Like stated, ‘Women travel’ shouldn’t be a topic of discussion. But it is! And to rub it completely off our shoulders, there is need for the flag bearers to come ahead and set examples of how women can travel solo, be safe and own their rights in a positive way.

Of course we aren’t talking about the ridiculous ones who think that solo travel is all about dressing the way they want, put on the earphones and walk out on an empty street at 12 a.m. That too would have been a good idea in an ideal world! But it’s not an ideal world yet. We need to create it.

And so it is important for women travelers to pack their backpacks, hold on to their desire to see the world, carry the necessary safety tools and hop on the flights. Take care of your dressing sense, travel itineraries, drinks, etc while keeping the most of your travel information to you and your trusted people alone. TIP: Avoid eye contact with strangers and stay in-charge of your safety rules!

It’s time for a change!

The number of stories covered on unsafe solo travel stories is soaring high. And one or the other assault, theft or rape case keeps making a headline now and then. Does this mean that women should stop traveling altogether?

The only way to change it is to realize that there is a desperate need for a change! Internationally! There is need for more rock-solid women to beat the notions and draw a silver lining story amidst the dark annoying ones. And the more the silver linings, the better!

This “International Women’s Day”, all you ladies, step outside and know that this world is as much yours to explore as it is for others. And you don’t need a partner to be MORE SAFE! You can own it and make it a silver lining for other women around you. Pack your bags and take that trip. The world is waiting!