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‘Experiential travelling’ seems to be a hyped word creating a buzz across social media networks and travel company promotions. It is typically meant to convey the idea of engaging into immersive, authentic, adventurous, and a local experience of the place one chooses to travel to. But has it replaced the conventional fixed touring system? Are the tourist guides losing their business? And do the travel package plans fading to attract tourists? Let’s dig out the reasons!

The joy of being wanderlust is in experiencing the unknown! The possibility that you can disconnect with your world and walk into nature to rejuvenate yourself is in itself an addiction. And so are the trends of the growing travel industry today!

The migration towards experiential travelling!


Travel is no more just a respite that people take from their usual course of life once or twice a year. It has become a way for people to get to know themselves, explore the world, seek new experiences, create social media posts and least to say ‘a career’. With the growth of travel bloggers people have started realizing how travel cannot just be about visiting the tourist spots and tourism places at their own comforts. It can be about throwing yourself out of your comfort zone, taking the local lane, walking into the wild or tasting the regional cuisines made by the locals.

Experiential travelling has opened doors to cheap travel options that promise more adventure and local experience than that of packaged touring!

Going unplanned on impromptu trips is a thrill to unleash your true abilities of planning, experiencing new things and giving yourself a space to breathe. And the fact that you get to control all the costs of your trip as per your preferences is deeply rewarding.

Why fixed touring is fading!


Let’s go back to old times! Planning of train tickets months in advance, booking for the taxis, hotel rooms, spotting the tourist spots and ticking them off the list until the trip comes to an end. And then we return back home! The plan was pretty simple, but isn’t exciting anymore.

Mainstream travel experiences are designed in packages to include the best of the tourist places, towns and cities. But they don’t cater to the individual choice of the traveler. The lodging, travel modes etc become repetitive and boring at times. Moreover, they happen to be a lot expensive than one would incur when they choose only the spots they want to travel.

Given that fixed touring system has become a lot commercial, social media connecting and part of the system – it’s not preferred by the travelers looking for out-of-the-box experiences!  Let’s just say that travelers have now become more informed and take decisions not as per the travel agents but the things they truly want to indulge in!


Travel brands project themselves for experiential travelling!


As soon as travel industry saw a boom, a lot of travel brands came up with their own brochures detailing the range of ways a traveler can travel. Experiential traveling tops the list today. One can find the travel brands hosting stays at travel hostels, rented flats and cafes, alongside a range of offbeat tours that take the tourists to local villages and make them live like a local.

With activities like trekking, hiking, jungle safari, midnight camping, etc the travel experts provide a variation in the choices depending upon the customers. Luxury stay-cations for the rich, and the travel Hotels for the more offbeat ones – there is something for everyone!

Leamigo – Your partner to unleash experiential travelling


Discover the hidden gems of a new town, taste food from the household of a local, or get-up at 4 a.m. to watch a sunrise from the most unsolicited spot that is known only to the regional people. Leamigo is your travel partner for impromptu travel plans taking you to offbeat and unexplored places of a city just like a local. To truly delve into the lifestyle and activities of a city within limited time, Leamigo offers you guidance on how to do it the best! Rather than jumping on a lot of research on the web and taking risky ventures, we offer you a safer way to get experiential.

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We are all seeking our inner monk. Experiential traveling is an unpaved path that can be made a lot interesting with Leamigo! Go Wanderlust!


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