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Your zodiac Sign defines your personality – how magical would it be, if it could tell your best holiday destination!

Picking up a holiday destination can be as easy as pointing a dart on the world map or readily picking up a deal online to book easy tickets. But if you are a tad bit adventurous and want to break open a dream vacation that matches your personality – hear it from your zodiac sign!

It’s true that we are guided by our stars! Whether you be a believer of astrology or someone out for some fun, knowing that planets can shape your personality, choices and the way you would want to travel can be exciting. Here’s the destination that your zodiac sign picks up for you!

Adventurous Aries

Spontaneous, adventurous, young and aspiring – Aries love to be challenged with situations and thrill when traveling. There is no wonder that they would love treks, camping, water sports, river rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving, etc when they are on their holiday. To make it both a peaceful and adventurous experience – Costa Rica is the place to be! Excitement flows in the air of Costa Rica, keeping the travelers thrilled with the range of adventurous activities, vivid lifestyle and not to miss the engaging culture that it has!

Sophisticated Taurus

With a fine taste in life, dear Taurus, you can get easily seduced by sophisticated surroundings, dreamy landscapes, peaceful evenings and cozy villas. Your holidays involve having a dash of luxury on the side of your perfectly baked Pizza. Italy is by far the most satisfying experience that can enthrall you. From Tuscany to Napa Valley you can gorge on fine taste of food, glasses of wine and a perfect lifestyle that indeed is a fine match with your personality.

 Insatiable Gemini

Because of being ruled by twin constellations, a Gemini has multiple personalities. While they would love to delve into culture and history, they love some brain tickling activities too. New York is the place to be! Filled with the thrill of fast paced life, buzzing streets and enigmatic culture is this city that is rich in history, architecture and love too. It offers a balance of culture and forward lifestyle which is bound to treat the insatiable heart of a Gemini.

Comfort Cancer

Home loving, comfort seeking and slow travelers, Cancerians love to experience comfort and peace wherever they go. And so nothing can be as satisfying to them as a trip to France. Easy rental apartments, comfort food, warm hearts, fine wines, homely cafes and majestic culture – this is the place to be. France can be your second home extending comfort and love with open arms.

Wild Leo

The Lions need a close to nature, adventurous and the most regal experience to witness for their holiday. Guided by their nature it is best to visit Bali, Indonesia. With inspiration, art and awakening of the animal spirit this place makes you enjoy a sunset, spas pampering, visual retreat as well as makes your heart roar with adventures. Indonesia is also highly known for the instilling self care.

Voyage Virgo

Virgos come with an edge of organization, helping, healing and someone who love a lot of luxury! And so Malaysia suits the best! Being a den of private pools, majestic views, massages and therapies, Malaysia is a total healer. This place can bring in the relaxation, love and care that Virgos extend and yet miss in their own life.

Fairly Libra

Librans are born peacemakers. They like to balance harmony, derive peace and extend the weighing scales to decide all aspects of their life. Therefore the holiday plan has to be a balance of feelings of peace and excitement. Prague being home to majestic architecture, history, modern lifestyle, and close to nature can provide just the right escape. Given the intellectual cafes and stylish lifestyle it brings the best of all the worlds!

Soothing Scorpio

Scorpions align with creativity, vibrancy, nature, and beauty. There is no better place than LA for the mighty tropical weather lovers to enjoy. LA has beautiful beaches and gorgeous mountains, valleys, etc and amidst these is a city that constantly improves. There is place for some yoga, party, brilliant coffees, art, free spirited people, sensuality, and web of highways taking you places.

Hunting Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are armed with a bow aimed at always hunting something new. They have quest for learning, experiencing and finding new adventures. And so Istanbul is just the right place to serve their craving for something more. The country is a beautiful blend of history, values, learning, center of art, and holds a lot to be explored. It’s intriguing and fascinating – both!

Contended Capricorn

Capricorns are the sun sign who believe in ‘work hard, party harder’ theory. They work too much and when they need relaxation, nothing pleases these earthy people more than nature and silence. Thailand is home to rejuvenation that is close to nature and definitely the most relaxing. With spas, massages, silent beaches, colourful life and a space to cut out from the world, Thailand is the ideal destination for escape. Not to forget the array of options to delve into rich lifestyle of the country!

Avid Aquarius

These kind of forward thinkers and future dwellers need extra dose of unconventional holiday idea for their trips to be exciting. Japan is the ideal place that brings out the best of technology and culture in one place. Be it the fast forward city of Tokyo or historical sites and temples in Kyoto – Japan is home to new horizons and technology to unleash for Aquarians.

Dreamy Pisces

Lovers, down to earth, spiritual and old-school – Pisces, symbolic of fish, are revived with the presence of water. If there is one heavenly space that meditates the mind and brings compassion to Pisces – it’s Tibet. There are sacred lakes, mountains, learning environment, monasteries, etc which enlighten spiritual living, meditation, kindness, peace and gentle touch! Its heaven abode for Pisceans.

The next time you take a break – choose to delve into the place your Zodiac sign calls for and see the wonders it can do for you!


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