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Thinking of visiting the beauty of Mexico for the holidays or just for vacation? Well, who wouldn’t want to visit a country with wonderful people, tons of beaches, amazing food, great tourist spots, and it is very affordable too! If you are, then get your suitcase and camera ready ‘cause I’m here to tell you how to get your key to enter Mexico, your Mexico Tourist Card!

Mexico Tourist Card
If ever you are going to Mexico you will need a Mexico tourist card, it is one of the necessities you must acquire together with your passport, and of course, yourself. A tourist card will be like a substitute for your visa but remember that this doesn’t apply to every tourist, there are only certain countries that are allowed to only use the tourist card, but some other nationalities will have to obtain and apply for both a visa and Mexico Tourist Card to enter Mexico. Let me tell you more about it.


Mexico Tourist Card Types
If you are wondering what type of tourist card you can apply for then here it is! You can apply for either an Air type Tourist card or Land type Tourist card. There is not much of a difference but obviously, when you are traveling by air you apply for Air Type Tourist card and if you are traveling by land you will have to apply for Land Type Tourist card, the other difference is you can get the Air Type Tourist card for free and the Land type for $29.00, it’s still a great deal, right?

What you need for your Visa application.

When you are applying for a Mexico Tourist Card these are the following requirements that you have to get ready before filling the application form.

Passport– The passport number that will be written in your Mexico Tourist Card will be based on your passport itself, that’s why your passport must be valid for more than 6 months before you apply for your Tourist Card. If ever your passport got expired, be sure to renew it before applying for your tourist card and going to Mexico, I mean, you don’t want to have a problem with your trip before planning for so long, right?

Email Address/ID– your email holds an important role before you even go on the trip. The information about your flight and your Tourist card will be sent to your email address. Once your application has been processed, you will receive the information and the actual Mexico Tourist card in your email, you have to print both sides of it for it to become valid.

Personal Information and Itinerary details– These are the most important information you must have yet it has the least effort you must do to get it. Of course, you need to have your personal and itinerary information ready to be able to write anything on the application form such as your name, address, flight information, etc.

So, if you are interested in visiting Mexico for this year, get all the documents that you need and I’ll tell you the steps on how to process your own Mexico Tourist Card!

Processing Steps

The Tourist Card is only applicable for those who are traveling by air or land to get to Mexico, and because of the technology, we have right now all you have to do to obtain your own Tourist Card is to follow these simple steps.

1. Fill out the application form. Just go to Natvisa ( ) and fill out the information needed.

2. Ready all the documents that are needed. Get your passport ready for the passport number.

3. Pay for your Tourist Card. The last step is paying the tourist card which can be done through your debit or credit card. Wait for a few days for processing and the tourist card that you will have to print out will be sent to your email. If you applied for an air type Mexico Tourist Card and you choose to get it upon arrival, it’s free.

The Mexico Tourist Card is valid for 180 days and it is required to present it to the immigration officers at the airport to enter the country along with your passport. Visa will also be needed depending on what nationality an individual has

Documents Needed Upon Arrival

After your flight, the immigration authorities will still have to require these documents upon your arrival, so get these things ready then you can finally enter Mexico and enjoy your trip.

· Mexico Tourist card– If you want your trip to be hassle-free, make sure your Mexico Tourist card is handy and ready to present to the authorities. Although just like what I’ve said before, some nationalities are required to bring their visa along with their tourist card.

· Travel Document– Just like your Tourist card, make sure your passport is ready too and it must be the same passport that you used to apply for your tourist card, or it won’t be any good. Make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 months too or the immigration authorities will have to send you back.
Activities Allowed for Mexico Tourist Card

When you are visiting Mexico either for vacation, holidays, or you are visiting a friend or family, then all I can say is you are very much welcome! But there is one thing that you must know while you are staying in Mexico and you have your Mexico Tourist card, you are not allowed to engage in any employment during your stay inside the country because the tourist card is only granted only for tourism. It’s not much that’s why everyone is expected to follow this rule.

And of course, just like all the countries, there are laws that everyone inside the country should follow, including the tourists, but as long as you don’t do something illegal and you are having fun then I assure you, you don’t have anything to worry about!

These are all the things you have got to remember when you are traveling to Mexico, but other than all these hassles and the flight, make sure to have fun and enjoy this trip because you deserve this!

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