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New Zealand is the beautiful country of neat and ideal beaches surrounded by flickering palm trees and enormously rich natural environment. High mountains with prosperous and affluent green forests provide beautiful scenery to this country.

The exceptionally relaxing atmosphere and picturesque scenery of New Zealand make it a popular travel destination. Due to its Dramatic topography, this country is known for its fondness of extreme sports. New Zealand is the place where one of the world’s highest bungee jumps is performed. There are plenty of outdoor adventures for visitors to do such as white water rafting, luging, jet boating, heli-skiing, skydiving, and mountain biking. Below is the list of worth visiting places of New Zealand:

1) Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest city of New Zealand. Because of the natural and photogenic beauty, this city is known as “Garden City”. By walking through the streets, visitors will get amazed by how peaceful and beautiful the city is. Botanical Garden is the place one should visit in this city. There plenty of activities and attractions available for the visitors including museums, a thriving art, and cultural scene.

2) Kaikoura

Kaikoura is a small town which is the dreamland of many wildlife lovers. Situated on the east coast of the Southern Island, there are a magnificent coastline and incredible scenery. Here, visitors can learn about Maori and European history. ‘Whale Watching’ tours are the biggest attraction of this town which promises visitors a lot of fun.

3) Mount Cook

Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain which is 3,754 meters (12,316 ft). Here visitors can go on a guided trek which would take them nearest to the mountain. A plane ride is also an option which offers great views and an unforgettable experience to the visitors. If the weather is good in Mount Cook one can even land at the top and take a walk around.

4) Nelson

Placed in the north of the South Island, Nelson is a small city and is almost in the center of New Zealand. This city hosts an Arts Festival every year which attracts many arts and crafts lovers. It is a highly recommended place to the adventurers as they offer a ride on the world’s only Skywire Flying Fox, paintballing and a guided ATV 4-wheel quad bike tour.

5) Queenstown

Queenstown is the ultimate destination for adrenalin junkies. Its extreme sports and the international resorts are the main point of attraction for visitors. Here, people can enjoy almost every extreme sport that they think of including skydive, bungee jump or snowboarding. Lake Wakatipu is a long thin lake which connects Queenstown with Shotover River. Shotover River is gaining a name for its Shotover Jet which is an incredible and unique vehicle. The Shotover Jet skids along the river surface which offers a pretty hair-raising experience to the visitors.

6) Punakaiki

Situated on the West Coast of the South Island, Punakaiki is famous for its “Pancake Rocks”. The unusual shape of the rocks attracts many visitors here. This popular stopover is heavily eroded and has lots of blowholes which give excellent photographs during high tides.


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