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College students are burdened with assignments and projects so they deserve rest too. Are you looking for a destination to travel with friends? If yes, then this article will guide you about some places that will be pocket-friendly for college students. Students need help and guidance even in writing thesis or assignment, consult Killer Papers for more help. We will recommend you top 7 places for traveling to have an enjoyable trip and have long-lasting memories with friends.

1. Puerto Rico:

This place is located in America and you don’t need to pay for expensive flights. It has a place named as, San Juan which as a lot of student’s hostel for trips and vacation and also have lower prices. You may get the opportunity to connect with other students of college and have fun with them in bars, food hubs.

2. Vietnam:

It is a famous place in Asia for traveling and famous for tourism. You can travel less than 15$ per day if know how to deal with people. Most of the students pick this destination because it is budget-friendly and has a lot of places for recreation. Visit museums and parks to see amazing wildlife animals.

3. Bolivia:

You might not have heard of this place before, but it is growing popular among tourists as a travel destination. It is highly recommended for college students because it is super affordable in terms of rooms, hotels, bars, and food. Also, the transportation will cost no more than 10$ and you will discover a lot of places within budget.

4. Florida:

It is one of the favorite places for a college student to visit during summer break. Summer is the best season to visit Florida because of its famous beach and consider exploring its different city. Panama is a cheap and fascinating place to visit in Florida, as the temperature is warm with a light breeze blowing over the beach. A lot of tourists come here for vacations and sometimes all hotels are fully booked.

5. Canada, Niagara Falls:

Looking for a place that has natural beauty, then Niagara Falls is surely an amazing place to visit. It is between the borders of New York City and Canada, so this place is full of tourists mostly in the summer. Hotels at lower prices are available and spent a night full of fun with colors.

6. Thailand:

Thailand is an amazing place to explore with college friends and remain on the top list of destination for trips in college. This place has great weather to enjoy in both summer and winter. The snowy winter enhances the beauty of the city while the sunshine reflects the beauty of flowers and trees.

7. Albania:

You may hear that traveling in Europe is not cheap but there are some places that you can visit on less budget. Albania is affordable to travel, booking rooms in hotels and also food is cheap. This place is amazing for relaxation in the summertime and also the food is delicious and within budget.

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