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Bangalore city is famous for its IT infrastructure and social life. Little is it known about Bangalore that it is also known as The City of Gardens. With its beautiful and heavenly parks placed just in the right strategic positions, which help in beautifying the city. Garden not just increase the beauty and charm of the city; they give the perfect balance of nature and man in this world. Rambling nurseries, excellent flowerbeds, captivating scenes, and transcending trees, you can discover them all in the core of the city. These gardens provide the very essence of peace when you decide to take alone walk with your music in your ears and try to relax in the arms of Mother Nature.
Let us now drive our minds towards admiring the beauty of these top 5 gardens of Bangalore. We believe that once you visit these places, you will develop a certain sense of belonging to these places.

1.      Cariappa Memorial Park


Bangalore always pays its utmost respect and homage to our fallen heroes. This park was dedicated to the living and dead memories of our great Indian Army, who have served us selflessly over the many decades. The park, with its uniform and symmetrical design, is the sign to the dedication of our armed forces and army towards preserving the peace of our great republic nation.
This beautiful park is named after the great army man, K.M. Cariappa. A tall statue of this great and nation loving selfless man welcomes you at the entrance of the park with open arms to enjoy the peace and calmness it has to offer.
With its beautiful fresh-cut grass lawn, enchanting, and well-cropped flowers add to the beauty and ambiance of the park. The park offers a small fountain with a never-ending flow of water, which is carefully placed in the center of the park to add to its never-dying beauty.
We believe that you can’t wait to visit this beautiful place. The park is located in Shivaji Nagar, and it welcomes its guests seven days a week.

2.      Bugle Rock Park


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and many philosophers rightly say this. However, finding beauty in nature is the true form of self-satisfaction. Therefore taking your time from your busy day and devoting it towards admiring the beauty of flora while you lie down on freshly cut grass bed and gaze into the clear blue sky. Tell me, isn’t this something which will give you peace. Bangalore offers the right place for this with the perfect mixture of culture and nature.
The Bugle Rock Park is famous for its naturally formed jagged rock, which is known as the Bugle rock, this has become a tourist destination for this purpose only. While the park also houses the ancient temples of Nandikesha and Ganapathi, who bless the visitors with good health and prosperity.

3.      Lal Bagh Botanical Garden


When the Mughal Empire entered the territories of Bharat, they not only brought their armies and kings but also their culture and lifestyle along with them. They have inspired the city of Bangalore with its rich and beautiful heritage. While adapting to their heritage, The Lal Bagh Botanical Garden was made.
The makers of the garden adopted the design of Mughal Gardens of south India and modified it according to the taste of the Bangalore residents while housing a thousand varieties of flora in it. In case someone loves flowers then you can surprise them by giving a flower bouquet.

4. Cubbon Park


Bangalore, at its heart, presents you with the beauty of the Cubbon Park. Yet alone, people of Bangalore consider this park as heaven ground on this earth. This has to offer immense beauty of Mother Nature, which is a treasure for the nature lover.
We understand and feel that not every day in your life is the day you wished for, if you have a heavy heart and you want to just sit down in arms of nature itself and introspect your life, this is the right place for you.
The garden is perfect for nature gazers who tend to take long walks amidst the beauty of bamboo, chestnuts, and oak trees of this mesmerizing and calming park.

5. Lumbini Gardens


Nature is filled with calming surprises for us, but if you want the experience of the beauty of a garden as well as a lake, then this is the right destination to fill your sore eyes with absolute scenic beauty.
This part has a lake inside of it, while you just drench your legs or sit on the benches of the park while feeling the cold soft breeze with a fragrant floral smell. This place will offer that much-needed break from the busy and bustling city life.

6. Butterfly Park


The Bnnerghatta national park in Bangalore has many beautiful treasures. Among them is the Butterfly park. Touted to be the first green space of its kind, the butterfly park has a 1 km long trail. The trail will lead you to a dome shaped sanctuary housing different plant varieties.
A dome shaped greenhouse at the center of the garden is a major tourist attraction. An audio visual dome-shaped room has been constructed in the garden to treat visitors to a visual delight. You can also find an artificial waterfall that the butterflies love to flutter around.
The butterfly park is the perfect retreat for you if you feel like taking a break from the city life and enjoying a blissful time at a natural place. Take your friends along and enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

7.      JP Park


The JP park or Jaya Prakash Narayana Park has a mesmerizing view. It is one of the most beautiful parks of Bangalore and has numerous walkways for walking and jogging. Several statues dot the place and you can enjoy the shade of large, bushy trees surrounding the area.
The acupressure path will make you relaxed and happy. Four lakes and lush-green trees of this park attract a lot of birds and animals. It is a haven for migratory birds and plenty of rare insects. People flock this park to get a glimpse of nature at its finest.
The JP park was initially designed to be a forested area so, it has big trees that give it a forest-like feel. You will find yourself loving the ambience and the overall feel of this garden.

8. M.N. Krishna Rao Park


The serene atmosphere of this park will leave a lasting impact on your senses. It is a vibrant place filled with exotic plants and flowers. Fitness enthusiasts find this park very good as it has exercising equipment and a basketball court.
Evenings are the best time in this park as the setting sun creates a striking visual imagery. You can stroll around the snaking pathways and enjoy the gifts of nature.
Whenever you feel like escaping to the wild, visit this park and feel yourself getting encased in the goodness of nature.

9. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park


The Indira Gandhi Musical fountain park is the one of its kind in the city. It has beautiful trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers that make this garden visually appealing. A fountain with musical themed operations is the biggest attraction of this garden.
There is a projector and a large screen that broadcasts the musical fountain recordings. You can visit this park with your friends for a relaxed time away from the city life.
Winters are exceptionally beautiful in this park as it has a lot of seasonal flower varieties. Visit this garden during peak winters and you will witness the best that nature can give you.

10. Bannerghatta Biological Garden


If you are a wildlife and nature enthusiast, this garden will leave you spoilt for choice. The options are endless when it comes to the things you can do at this park. From looking at wild animals to going on a nature trek, you will have a fun-filled time.
The large trees around this park will refresh your senses and make you feel like you have escaped the city’s dull spaces. It has a large collection of beautiful trees like eucalyptus, Oaks, cypress, and many more
These are some of the best gardens to visit in Bangalore if you are planning to visit Bangalore anytime soon. You can also buy flowers of these rare species through Flower Delivery in Bangalore.

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