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With the exotic beach and irresistible ambiance – Philippines is the best honeymoon spot

With exotic beach destinations, Philippines is the ideal place for the honeymoon couples. The Philippines is one of the romantic and irresistibly tempting countries in the world for honeymoon couples. This country is the blend of exotic marine life, beautiful sceneries, mountains and nice weather which makes an ideal scenario to fall in love.

The Philippines is the popular honeymoon destination in Asia. It is a beach bum delight which is justifiably famous for beaches with more than 7000 tropical islands to choose from. Honeymoon couples can enjoy an island that suits their taste, i.e., from volcanic fantasy-scapes to underwater charm of the sea. Here are some of the exquisite destinations for honeymoon in the Philippines

1) Palawan

Palawan is the perfect place for honeymooners or newlyweds. It has been called the “island of gods” because of its spectacular sea and landscape. El Nido is located in Palawan gives heaven like impression on the earth. The magnificent beauty of the view will leave you spellbound. Couples can enjoy the scenery of the island by taking a walk along nature. As this island is famous for various water and beach activities, couples can together perform activities like trekking, climbing, diving etc.

2) Boracay Island

This Island is located off the north-western tip of Panay Island. Boracay Island is one of the best beach destinations in the world. Honeymoon couples can indulge themselves in an undeniable easy atmosphere. The white beach of this island is so fine that walking barefoot will relax a couple’s mind and they can enjoy the beautiful sunset there. Honeymoon couples can together explore the sunken forest that is one of the romantic activities.

3) Cebu

Cebu is the gateway to a thousand journeys. This island is a paradise for honeymoon couples because of its sea-valley-and mountain location. The beautiful beachfront resorts also an attraction of point for the honeymoon couples. The island comprises of lively bars, emerging eateries that make the nightlife more enjoyable.

4) Tagaytay City

This honeymoon destination is located nearest to the Metro Manila. Tagaytay city is famous for its stunning Lake Taal and Taal Volcano. This city is also known for all sorts of food and different delicious cuisines. Honeymoon couples can feel the remarkable experience in this city by hiking the volcano, sailing on the lake, admiring the views.

5) Baguio City

Baguio is well-known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. This city is a hill station which makes it a favourite place for honeymoon goers. The cool climate and pine-scented breeze enhances the beauty of this city and also makes it a centre of attraction for the honeymoon couples. Couples can enjoy the fresh food, shopping, horse-riding in this city.

6) Coron Palawan

Majestic limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, lakes make this Island a true paradise. Coron Island is famous for Kayangan Lake and Maquinit hot springs. The freshwater of the lagoon which is surrounded by the limestone cliffs provides an unbelievable view of the lake. Maquinit hot spring is the perfect destination for the honeymoon couples and is the great remedy to relax from stress or tired muscles.

7) Baler Aurora

Surfing is one of the unique charms of this place. Honeymoon couples can together enjoy the surfing on high waves. White sand beach and heritage sites make this place more interesting for the honeymoon couples. Rocky terrains and exquisite mountainous sceneries enhance the beauty of the place.

8) Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera is one of the most beautiful bays of the world. Sunset cruise is the romantic activity for the couples for admiring the sunset view of the place. Honeymoon couples can also visit underwater caves in Puerto Galera where the environment is warm and nice

9) Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue is the place for nature adventures and cultural captivation. Honeymoon couples indulge themselves in activities such as strolling, trekking, and biking. In the evening, they can enjoy the campfire at a warm indoor. The rice paddies enhance the beauty of the scenery at Banaue.


Davao city is famous for “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” which is a premier festival of the city and shows the natural and cultural bounty of the land. Honeymoon couples can learn about the tribal cultures of the region which is expressed in traditional songs, dances, games, and crafts. Couples can enjoy their lively trade fair, flower-and-fruit float parade that takes place during the festival.

So, come and bathe in the environment of love and romance with Philippines. 



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