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Being an employer or team lead, you may want that people working under you take fewer vacations so you can complete the project within the deadline. But you need to revise your approach if you do so! If your employees don’t go on vacation, they are harming themselves and the company. How exactly are they affecting the workplace? Readout this blog and you will learn it.

In modern business ethics, most companies care about the safety and wellbeing of the employees. Companies contract with safety manufacturers to provide safety equipment to their employees. For example, a chemical manufacturing company provides safety eyewear to its workers through the corporate eyewear program. These programs are designed to address the safety concerns on the organizational level that is cost-efficient and productive for the company. That’s the safety aspect of the employees’ welfare.

Now come to the wellbeing of the employees. Companies with high revenue generation reward their employees with different programs. One such scheme is offering paid vacations to a specific or any place. Employees spend their vacations and get back to work with regained energy.

      Why Employees Don’t Take Vacations

Despite having the availability of vacations (unpaid), many employees don’t avail the opportunity due to certain reasons. Some common fears in their minds are:

⦁ Fear of pay deduction. People who are sole earners of their families avoid having any cut from the salary. Even employees with higher salaries prefer to receive a salary without any deduction.

⦁ The fear of the boss is prominent after the pay cut. Employees think that their boss perceives it as a bad notion. To retain a positive image, they try to remain present in the office.

⦁ They fear the work burden if remain absent from the office. As they are used to do work regularly, so they think that taking vacations will pile up the work.

⦁ Another fear is that people think that their colleagues will excel in their absence from work. The reason behind this fear is the typical professional competition that we observe in every workplace.

⦁ Most employees want to spend their vacations with family and close friends. So if they get a chance to go alone, they don’t avail it. They would prefer to spend the weekend with family at home or in the town.

       Why Employees Must Take Vacations

Here, we will describe the reasons why should employees take vacations and their impact.

  • Employees Get Relaxed from Work Stress

Every employee gets exhausted after working for hours daily in the office. This routine continues for 5 days until the weekend starts. This physical and mental labor makes them stressed which can lead to anxiety. The weekend days are family days for every employee. They need extra time to get relaxed from work stress. So every employee must go on vacation.

Even if an employee refuses to go due to his/her professional fears, his/her fear should be cleared by the management. Employees should go to their favorite picnic place. The company should not force them to choose a specific location.

  • It Increases Productivity Level

When every employee will put their expertise with full-attention, they will produce the work with better quality and quantity. It would lead to an increase in the productivity level. Surveys have revealed that employees with no vacation do their assigned work with less passion than those who enjoy the vacations. So it is evident that employee mental satisfaction and wellbeing directly affect the company’s business.

  • It creates a happier workplace

3 out of every 5 employees get anxiety and stress from the incidents happening at their workplace. The workplace environment is vital for effective output. If employees face any potential physical and mental safety threats, they would work with fear and less-attention. To give you more clarity, review the below business example.

A famous company working in the oil& gas industry has a large number-scale of employees. To protect their workers from workplace hazards, the company did an agreement with a safety eyewear manufacturer, Eyeweb Safety which provides safety glasses to every employee working in the mining sites. It resulted in a safe environment but the satisfaction level in the employees remain low. Upon investigating, the management found out that most workers are stressed out due to continuous work at mining sites where they had very few entertainment options. The company launched a paid vacation program for all of the employees. Through this program, workers enjoyed paid holidays at their favorite places.

Upon returning to the workplace, they seemed happy and fresh. They worked with their colleagues in the cherishing mood and thus they created a happier workplace which is a sign of satisfaction on the company.

Besides these common effects, paid vacations to have a larger impact on employees’ mental, physical, family, and social life. It should be a normal practice in every business organization because ultimately it is beneficial for the company.

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