//Things To Do & Places to Visit In Fiji For Honeymoon

Things To Do & Places to Visit In Fiji For Honeymoon

The second most tempting thing about getting married is the excitement of going for your dream honeymoon, the first being the ability to spend the rest of your life with the one you love and cherish. While arriving at the destination of your choice could be totally ecstatic, planning for a honeymoon to a wonderland such as Fiji is not day’s job.

Fiji, undoubtedly, one of the most romantic spots in the world, is an island country in the South Pacific which is characterized by its crystal-clear turquoise waters, spellbinding sunsets, palm-fringed coastlines, mesmerizing reefs, experiential wining and dining, and endless adventures. A place where you enjoy an eternal bliss in the arms of your beloved, Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands, of which Viti Levu and Vanau Levu are two largest.

Let us now explore the various Fiji Islands and see what they have in store for you two lovelies.

Viti Levu

Starting with the largest Fijian island, Viti Levu is home to some of the most amazing landscapes in the archipelago. Think Viti Levu and you could already start fantasizing about picturesque beach fronts, clear waters, and of course, the gigantic Mount Tomanivi. There is no shortage of activities to do here or places to visit as the whole island city is buzzing with dreamy honeymooners and leisure travelers who come here to make the best out of their time.

Things To Do 

Visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, party like the Fijians in Suva, and raft down the Navua River. If you have more time to spend, experience scuba diving in the Beqa Lagoon and pay a visit to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Vanua Levu

Formerly called the Sandalwood Island, Vanua Levu is the second largest island Fiji. Slightly lesser populated than its big sister, Vanua Levu is a great spot for adrenaline-crazed young couples who wish to achieve more from their Fijian honeymoon than sipping cocktails and clicking mushy sunset photos.

Things To Do

While honeymooning in Vanua Levu, you and your partner should not miss a chance to visit Namena Marine Park and explore their striking underwater world. As an alternative, both of you can also take a dip in the therapeutic waters of Savusavu Hot springs or try your hand at surfing the waves of the well-known Rainbow Reef.

Taveuni Islands

Taveuni, also made popular as the ‘garden island’ due to its lush green landscape, is the third largest island among the Fiji Islands. The island is not just popular for its greenery, but it also consists of remarkable beaches, clandestine waterfalls, and abundant flora and fauna that makes this island every nature lover’s haven.

Things To Do

You and your partner absolutely cannot miss experiencing the Lavena Coastal Walk. Also, a sunset on the Lake Tagimaucia with your beloved is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Last but not the least, if time permits, plan a visit to the Somosomo Strait and take some time to admire the splendor of Tavoro Falls.

Mamanuca Islands

The picture-perfect islands of Mamanuca are portrayed by its typical white sandy beaches, shorelines dotted with swaying palms, astounding turquoise waters, and a vibe like nowhere else. A popular attraction for couples and leisure travelers, the group of island consists of 20 different islets.

Things To Do

There is no limit to the experiences you and your partner can indulge in during your honeymoon in the Fijian island, however, Mamanuca is undeniably the mother of all – think adventure and think fishing, snorkeling, surfing, riding seaplanes over the Fiji Islands, golfing and a lot more!

No matter what you choose to do on the islands, it is a given that you and your darling will come back with a heart full of memories and stories that you will share with your friends and family for a long, long time.