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Honeymoon at Fiji Islands? – Lucky you!

Fiji is one of the most dreamt of indulgences for people to have a taste of exclusive luxury, mind-blowing views and rejuvenation. And with the list of Things to do in Fiji that are truly exotic – it’s hard to miss dreaming about the palatial feel of the resorts and royal treatment that one shall get!

Romantic Things To Do in Fiji for your Honeymoon

Fiji offers one of the luxurious experiences for the honeymooners on the earth! From islands big and small, the resorts here are homes to lavish life experiences capturing the serenity of the nature and warmth of hospitality. Here are Exotic Things to do in Fiji, just to bring to you a glimpse of reality that your honeymoon can be!


A private Villa by the beach!

Fiji is known for its grand islands and the grandeur of the resorts that bring about an immersive experience of staying in the islands. There are private cottages and villas which give the couples private time to spend in a luxurious villa with their own private beach. It is like a short luxurious escape from the world and its civilization into the serenity of nature. These villas are designed to provide for infinity pools, luxury stay, quality food, private escape and the goodness of private time. There is no looking back!

The spa-experience

The mighty resorts of Fiji are known to run their in-house spas which have extended the meaning of rejuvenation for the travelers. Coupling with the ancient healing traditions with the modern Jacuzzis and spa rooms designed to meet relaxation style of the millennials, the spa experience in Fiji is truly mesmerizing. From the head spa, body massages to 10,000-foot spas with stunning oceanic views is truly an eye-catcher. The number of relaxation and rejuvenation experiences in an unbelievable setting makes your bonding beautiful too!

Underwater diving!


The water at Fiji is so clear that the shades of blue are to fall in love with. And for the people who want a glimpse of the life underwater, it’s a whole new experience altogether. Take a dive into the world’s longest barrier reefs i.e. Great Astrolabe Reef and meet up close and personal with the denizens of the water. Fiji has quite a number of diving spots with Great White Wall being the home to the popular Rainbow Reef. View the coral reefs, sea turtles, or swim alongside the manta rays for a delirious experience of life underwater.

One true skydiving experience!

Ever wondered what jumping from the sky would feel like? At Fiji, it feels like you are truly flying over an island until you submerge into the sea and meet the coral reefs. Indeed a sky diving experience at Fiji doesn’t just stop at landing on an island it includes splashing of the water and watching the life underneath too. As pure and serene the beauty here is, the sky diving experience at Fiji islands is an exotic one to take with your partner holding your hands. This is one of the best things to do in Fiji with your partner during your honeymoon if you are an adventure seeker.

The natural heritage of the Taveuni Island

For a close encounter with nature and its offerings, a visit to Taveuni Island is a must. Known as Fiji’s Garden of Eden, it’s a Bouma National Heritage Park which seems to have gathered some of nature’s best offerings for Fiji. You can find rare orchids growing, fern trees, short trails of waterfalls and slides of natural water. Amidst it, is the beautiful Tavoro waterfalls with its 60-foot horsetail that springs white water through it. The cascade of the emerald pool formed is open for the people to walk into and take a natural water bath. It’s one of the unique experiences you shall have in a lifetime with your partner.

Fiji is the experience that brings out your wildest luxury and exotic dreams to life! Where are you honeymooning now?


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