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Visiting Mumbai to celebrate along with your family and friends will be a great choice if you want to spend quality time with them. This adorable and classic place has many gateways and beautiful ventures, which will help to create some lifetime memorable moments. You will find a complete mix-up of unique locations – from amusing beaches to historic and cultural sites.

In this essential tour guide, you will get to know great indoor and outdoor activities you must do while spending some quality time in Mumbai:

1) Sailing from The Gateway of India

You can’t really imagine how beautiful it will be to sail over the Arabian Sea from The Gateway of India during the visually cinematic sunset. With an appealing view, a peaceful evening, you will enjoy some great time together with family or friends or even alone and discover the great moments.

Moreover, the sailors are very polite and humble to interact. They will take you towards smooth see-saw of the sea waves which will make the adventure more enjoyable. So, you must experience this unique r and make the evening memorable near The Gateway of India.

2) A walk on Marine Drive

One cannot miss the beauty of Marine Drive in Mumbai as it is a place, where you can enjoy a long walk, hand-in-hand with your loved one. It is broadened along with the Arabian Sea that makes it a perfect place to experience sunrises and sunsets. It would be more grateful if you have booked your hotel just near the Marine Drive because you will be able to witness one the best spots for experiencing beautiful and astonishing views.

3) A Stay at Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want a peaceful location which is away from the bustle of the city then this wildlife escape is perfect for you. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Koyna Dam, which is also known as the powerhouse of Maharashtra. It is thebest location near Mumbai to experience the beauty of nature and wildlife.

Koyna wildlife is the home of several tigers, bison, and hundreds of other wild animals and birds. This location is the best place to go on safari adventures.

4) The Great Elephanta Caves

With a taste of archaeological significance, the Great Elephanta Caves are known for their unique construction and sculpture arts. These caves are carved with aesthetic rock formations and very interesting layouts. This place is another must-visit destination in Mumbai, especially for the one who wants to explore new and unique ancient experiences.

5) A trip to essel world

A thrilling experience to an amusement part will be a great idea especially if you have kinds in your bunch. It has a haunted house a water kingdom park and an essel world live. get indulged in rides that will give you adrenalin rush for sure.

6) Experience Bollywood

Amchi Mumbai is nothing without you and film sets. Feel the aura of huge sets around and experience the same lanes which once walked by great legendary actors located in goregaon .

A holiday gateway   is unique time periods, in which people make unforgettable memories and get to explore live long experiences along the journey throughout various locations. There are several other locations to spend time but a trip to Mumbai will be a unique and life-changing experience. Just remember all these must-visit places and make your holidays a a worth one!


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