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Have you ever come back from a holiday feeling more exhausted? You may want to revisit your approach towards a vacation! The main intention of going to a vacation is to relax your mind and detach yourself from the hustle of daily life. Worry not, there are loads of things you can do on your trip to Bali that will make sure you have a relaxed gateway. Here are our top 10 favourite things to do in Bali that are relaxing.

1) Explore the Nusa Penida Island


Topping the list of favourite islands in Bali, Nusa Penida homes some of the best beaches in Bali where swimming, surfing, snorkelling and lazing around the shores are the best things to do here. Located an hour away from Sanur (via ferry), the natural beauties of this place is sure to leave you amazed.
So, be ready to enjoy the picturesque scenery all around and don’t forget to carry your hats and beachwear.

2) Make divine prayers in the Majestic temples

Majestic temples Bali

It might not cost you anything to stroll around the Balinese temples and make some divine prayers. Being there just in time when the traditional rituals are performed or just to admire the architecture of these temples can leave such a soothing effect on your mind. No trip to Bali would be complete without a visit to at least one of the Balinese temples.

3) Admire the beautiful waterfalls

waterfalls in bali

If you think Bali is only known for its infinite beaches, then you might be mistaken. The land of Bali homes some of the most stunning waterfalls amidst its fascinating backdrops. Git-Git Waterfall in Singaraja, NungNung Waterfall in Petang and the Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud should definitely be on your lists.

4) Pamper yourself with a spa

Spa in bali

A spa is always a good idea. But, there is something special about the traditional Balinese spa, it works to soothe the damaged tissue, relieves muscle tension and boosts blood circulation. This not only helps reduce stress and rebalance your body but also is a great mood booster. It’s one of the best things to do in Bali to feel relaxed and even better when done with your partner.

5) Tour around the Picturesque Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces is another special sights in Ubud, Bali. These cascading rice fields are the best when explored in the mornings, before the crowds which makes the experience even more peaceful. Inhale some fresh air and take a few pictures amidst the lush rice paddies along the slopes of Ubud! Sounds like a perfect start to the day, doesn’t it?

6) Hike the Mount Batur sunrise trek

Mount Batur sunrise

If you wish to add a little adventure on your trip then make sure you add this 2 am sunrise trek to your Bali tour package. With every passing minute, this journey only gets better and is worth hiking up around three hours to a mesmerising sunrise. Just make sure you carry your jackets and put on a good pair of hiking boots to enjoy your way to the top.

7) Go in for a private pool villa

private pool villa

The choice of accommodation can have a huge impact on the overall trip and Bali is blessed with the best of all. The variety of hotels and resorts are endless, from staying between the jungles, resorts facing the seas, hill-top stays and even contemporary hotels, you can absolutely choose your own dream escape in Bali. Nevertheless, the incredible private pool villas stand out. A whole villa for yourself with an indoor pool is something you should surely go in for at least for a few days. Worry not, some advance planning can get you great deals at pocket-friendly prices.

8) How about watching Kecak Fire Dance?

Kecak Fire Dance

If you are intending to visit the Uluwatu Temple, make sure you stay back a little longer to watch the famous Kecak Fire Dance. As the name suggests, fire is a part of this dance which makes it even more unique and captivating to watch. Sit back and enjoy the company of the locals dancing and singing along with the traditional music .

9) Sit back and enjoy the sunsets

Bali sunset

You don’t have to cross miles to experience some amazing sunsets in Bali. Choose from the plenty of beaches in Bali, play your favourite music and with your partner watch as the sun drops into the horizon. To make it even special, you can also plan a private candlelight dinner, and enjoy a scrumptious meal along the beautiful Balinese shores. After all, beach, bae and good food is all you need!

10) Relax your mind by yoga therapy

yoga therapy

Yoga therapies are pure bliss. Refresh your mind and spirit with the yoga sessions conducted by several studios and practice some fantastic yoga asanas. And, not to miss the rich surroundings, tropical woods and the ocean energies will enrich your yoga experience even further.

After all, everyone earns for a peaceful vacation to unwind themselves from the hustle and bustle of routine life. And, Bali makes for an excellent gateway for a relaxing and fun vacation with your loved ones. To make things even easier, do check out some great Bali trip packages offered by travel companies like Leamigo, Pickyourtrail which can promise you a hassle-free vacation. Happy holidays!


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