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Here’s a list of offbeat places one should visit while traveling in Mumbai

1) Khotachi Wadi

Exotic side of Mumbai? It’s here in Khotachi Wadi. Situated in Girgaon, South Mumbai, Khotachi
Wadi is a colonisation of Konkan styled Portuguese villas. Declared as a heritage village in 1994 this
colony was originally a set of 65 Portuguese bungalows out of which only 26 are remaining today.
The villas are now owned by the 5th generation of the late owners.

2) Mumbai Maiden

Mumbai’s latest floating ship restaurant sailing under Bandra – Worli sealink. Comprises of a banquet hall, dining hall and open deck and sails only on selected dates. The 1.5 hour cruise is not just a fancy thing but also treats you with stunning sunset along with the skyline. Be it a social gathering or a family event, the Maiden will surely give you an unforgettable experience!

3) Mount Mary Church

Originally named as Basilica of Our Lady Mount, the commonly known Mount Mary Church is reached by a small slope next to the King Khan’s ‘Mannat’. Built in 1940, this church is said to be making your wishes come true. Right across the main structure is a shrine where one can burn candles and pray.

4) Colaba Causeway

Eclectic vibe – this way! This street treats you with the remains of the old Bombay architecture and is also known as the cultural plaza and a super affordable shopping street including legendary cafes and restaurants. Roaming in the street, you’ll notice this place being appreciated by the foreigners. Here’s one suggestion – shop across the small stalls, appreciate the Victorian architecture and stop by any café you like to sip and observe the mix cultural backdrop.

5) Sassoon Dock

Known as the oldest dock and one of the largest fishing markets in Mumbai, Sassoon Dock is situated near the area of Colaba. The first wet dock in Mumbai and is also open to public. Experience the smell of the seafood and the sea witnessing abundant types of fish and seafood. This place also enjoys street art exhibition started by an NGO as a platform to Indian artists showcasing artwork such as murals, creative structures, etc.

6) Linking Road

Ladies – especially for you! Located in Bandra, Linking Road is one of the main shopping hubs in Mumbai, known for pocket friendly shops to high end boutique shops, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. How about shopping throughout the day and then indulging into a sumptuous meal across the street?!

7) Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Notably known for being under the metropolis zone, Sanjay Gandhi National park is located in the northern Mumbai. Highlighting the Buddhist rock-cut caves known as Kanheri Caves, other attractions include tiger safari, toy train ride, butterfly garden, boat ride and nature trail. The national park is an ideal location for a day outing or a picnic.

8) Elephanta Caves

Known as the face of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elephanta caves are a collection of Hindu rock-cut cave temples, located on the Elephanta island – 10 kms off coast Mumbai. The caves are believed to have been carved by various Hindu dynasties between 5th to 9th century, the caves predominantly represent the carved sculptures of the Lord Shiva. One can reach to the island by getting a ferry ride through the Gateway of India.

9) Banganga Talao

Located in the Malabar Hill area of Mumbai, Banganga Talao is an ancient water tank inside the temple complex of Walkeshwar. Said to be built in the 12th century, the water tank is considered to be a sacred water tank as well. This place also hosts a classical music festival known as Banganga Music Festival in the month of January in its premises. The area is now surrounded by skyscrapers.

10) Global Vipassana Pagoda

Located in the north-west region of Mumbai, Global Vipassana Pagoda is said to be the largest meditation hall in the world having capacity of 8,000 prayers in the hall. Built out of gratitude to the late Burmese Vipassana teacher and is based on the foundation of serving peace and harmony. Ancient Indian and traditional Burmese style architecture built entirely out of voluntary donations.


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