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Off-beat track Nepal

Off the beaten tracks in Nepal – Go Wild!

From being home to the highest mountain in the world – Mt. Everest and experiencing half a million travelers and trekkers from around the world to being a culturally inclined country honoring the teachings of Lord Buddha – Nepal is a country that celebrates nature and simple style of living. Nestled majestically between India and China, this country promises an incredible journey with its natural terrains, wide-open plains, glacier-filled lakes, deep geysers, vivid landscapes, and snowy mountain peaks.

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On a bright day, one shall find Sherpa women in their traditional red attires climbing through the mountains with a basket on their back singing tones of Nepalese music. While the Nepalese hospitality and Sherpa culture brings a revering presence, the voyagers have their thrill in unfolding the mysteries of adventure that Nepal holds. Breaking through the norms, if you are truly inclined to adventure, Nepal has some off the beaten tracks to experience the wild in you!

Mt Makalu Base Camp Trek


One of the least popular yet astounding places to visit in Nepal, the base camp of Makalu is isolated and untouched glory of this country. Being the world’s fifth highest mountain, the region brings a challenging journey to wander through the forests and explore the varied glaciers and waterfalls. The journey to Mt Makalu Base Camp begins from Tumlingtar, a short flight away from Kathmandu. After a drive to Num and then a trek to the Barun River Valley, the base camp resides inside the Makalu Barun national park. The unduly paths, natural flora and fauna, rhododendron cliffs and snowy paths of the mountain is a fascinating trekking adventure with its jaw-dropping views.

Annapurna Circuit Mountain Biking


For bike enthusiasts to gear up their experiences in Nepal, the challenging ascents of Annapurna Circuit are perfect for an adrenaline rush. Crossing through the incredible bio-diverse landscapes, valleys, fields, and rainforests, the bikers can ride through the arid deserts and alpine forests. The journey entails commune through dense forests, lowland villages, mountain peaks and local hill tribes bringing you closer to Nepal’s grandeur and beauty. Take a halt at World’s highest freshwater lake – Tilicho Lake and then speed up to ride through the incredible Thorong La Pass. Giving a challenging ride on the mountains, this region has its mysteries that unfold one bump at a time!

Trek to Mt Dhaulagiri


Nature has bestowed an unexplained beauty to Mt Dhaulagiri making it the sixth highest mountain in the world. And a trek to this mountain includes crossing through off the beaten routes crossing barren mountain valleys, rock alleys, and snowy mountains. The trek to Mt Dhaulagiri begins from the town of Beni, taking you through the isolated regions of Kaligandaki Gorge, French pass, Dhampus Pass and gorgeous views of the neighboring mountain peaks like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Manaslu, etc.  At each point, the view of Mt. Dhaulagiri promises to bring together an unforgettable experience.

Bhaktapur – City of Devotees


The ancient town of Bhaktapur is one of the royal towns of Kathmandu Valley with its tallest pagoda temple – Nyatapola Temple. Taking you to the medieval times when the town was built, the winding alleyways of the place is made of brick buildings and roads revering ancient beliefs. The town is popularly called as an open museum as the inhabitants here have preserved the art, architecture, and culture over the years and retained its glory from the past. A journey to the town immediately takes you away from signs of modernity as if you are visiting a page from history. With a high cost of entry to the town, the explorers can meander through the conserved metalwork of Golden Gate, royal courtyards, pottery squares, etc.

Make it to the Mt Everest Base Camp


The highest mountain in the world has been the world’s fascination and reason to visit Nepal. The strenuous task of climbing the mountain involves a lot of training. But if you aren’t a trained trekker, the trek to the base camp is a challenging adventure in itself. The gigantic mountain of Everest transverses experiences from smooth roads to unpaved trekking trails through the Lukla village. As you make your way to the base camp, you are greeted by the scenic beauty of the Nepalese Landscapes, its Sherpa culture, hospitality, and scenic mountains. Offering an ignition in the soul for the love of mountains and its beauty, a trip to Mt Everest is recommended to view at the grandeur of nature.

The Silence of the Rara Lake


With the backdrop of the beautiful Himalayas and passing through the remote dense forests of the Karnali region, the Rara Lake promises a glorifying journey and a scenic experience. Inside the Rara National Park where millions of wild animals, birds, and rare plants reside, this silent lake connects you to the pristine beauty of still water. The Rara National Park is known for its endangered species and rare wildlife encounters with Leopards, Musk Deer, Red Panda, Himalayan Black Deer, Ghoral, Leopard, etc. One can spot a lot of migrating birds and listen to bird songs while making their way to the silent beauty of Rara Lake.

Mystical Lapcha Pass


The Khumbu region of Nepal with its Rolwaling valley is an unexplored region that makes traveler meeting with challenges to find true beauty. Unfolding the mysteries of the isolated villages, barren mountains, valleys, and Tibetan Buddhist culture, the Tashi Lapcha Pass trek below the Gaurishankar range is an incredible journey. The region has some isolated monasteries and local tribe villages that are surrounded by stunning glaciers and waterfalls. The people living around the Rolwaling Valley have reported of Yeti, the wild human-like creatures in the area although no proven evidence has been found. The region with all its mystical findings is an ultimate off the track adventure to explore.

Nepal with its astounding natural beauty and unexplored lands is an invitation for the wild explorers to unleash their thrill of adventure. With varied treks, mountain passes, ancient towns, and isolated valleys it promises the voyagers a lovely time unfolding nature’s mysteries.