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Top Tourist Places in India

Tourism is the most important part of the Indian economy which is rapidly growing with every new year. According to an estimate, almost 19 million tourists visit India every year to see beautiful tourist attractions there. Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra are the most visited cities of Indian. Indian Government has reported the arrival of millions of foreign tourists in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Agar in the last five years before the COVID pandemic. According to the Travel and Tourism competitiveness report, India is ranked in 16th position among 140 countries overall. India has a fantastic air transport infrastructure, due to which it is ranked at the 33rd position in the International ranking.

India is famous for many forms of tourism. Medical Tourism is especially important and it has a high contribution to the Travel and Tourism industry of India. According to an estimate, 4 million foreigners travel to India for the treatment of different ailments and diseases. India generates revenue of $2 billion from Medical Tourism only. The other types of tourism in India are Cultural Tourism, Informational Tourism, and Business Tourism. A part of the Himalaya Mountain range is also located in Indian which is a very attractive destination for worldwide visitors. 

There are the following major Tourist attraction to visit in India:

·         Taj Mahal
·         Amber Palace
·         Red Fort
·         Hawa Mahal
·         Ranthambore National Park
·         City Palace
·         Agra Fort
·         Qutab Minar
·         Jantar Mantar
·         Humayun’s Tomb
·         Jim Corbett National Park
·         Mehrangarh Fort and Museum

Places to Avoid in India

India is a rich country in terms of tourist destinations. However, it has some places which you should avoid and don’t visit with or without your family. You should particularly avoid these places when you are with your family. There are different reasons to avoid these places. Some of these places are very dangerous because of their height or dangerous animals while some of them are not good to visit due to their crowded nature. Some places are dangerous for life so, they are totally prohibited for visitors. India is well-known throughout the world for deadly mountains, falls, and deep waters. So, you should not visit this type of place while your stay in India.

These are some major places to avoid in India:


·         Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
·         Ozran Beach, Goa
·         Malana, Himachal Pradesh
·         Gokarna, Karnataka
·         Pondicherry
·         Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh
·         Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
·         Varkala, Kerala

Requirements to Visit India

By reading about the above must-visit places in India, we are sure that you have developed an interest in traveling to India. You can travel to India at any time from any part of the world. However, the following are some major requirements that you must complete if you want to visit Indian without any difficulty.

India Online Visa (e-Visa)

India e-Visa is the compulsory document that you must have if you want to visit India. This actually an official document required to get entry inside India for tourism. e-Visa is an electronic and online type of India Visa for which you are not required to meet with the Indian embassy. You can get your India e-Visa by applying online through Natvisa. After applying online, your application will be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and after their approval, your online visa will be delivered to your email address. Travelers from over 160 countries are eligible to apply for India e-Visa through natvisa. The citizens of some countries are not eligible to apply for India Online Visa. These Citizens have to get the traditional type of India Visa to get entry into the Indian border. They can apply for a traditional Visa at Indian Mission.


Funds and Exiting India

A return ticket or ticket of your onward visit with sufficient funds to support your stay in India are compulsory if you want to visit India. By completing this requirement, you can exit any of the ICPs (Immigration Check Posts) in India.


Pakistan Origin

Citizens of Pakistan are not eligible for India e-Visa. They have to apply for a regular visa at Indian Mission.


Passport Validity

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months at the time of arrival to India. It should have at least two blank pages required for the Immigration Officer stamp.


India Tourist Visa Online


India Tourist Visa Online is an authorized official document issued by the Indian Government to foreign travelers to stay, visit and exit from India. It is compulsory if you want to get entry into India. Natvisa is one the best India Tourist Visa Online provider in the world. From Natvisa, you can get your India Tourist Visa in just 4 business days by applying online. You just have to fill the online application form on the official website of the Natvisa and your application will be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs. After the approval of the Ministry, your online visa will be delivered to your email address.


Natvisa is offering India Tourist e-Visa in just $96 for double and multiple entries. It is valid for 30 days-5 years. With India Tourist e-Visa, you can stay in India for 30 to 60 days.


Why Prefer Online Visa/eVisa for India?


You should prefer Online Visa/eVisa for India due to the following reasons:


·         Easy to understand and straightforward online application process in which you just have to fill the online application form by providing your basic details like passport number, name, contact, and email address, etc.

·         No need to visit the Indian Embassy. You can manage everything from your home through the Internet.

·         Fee payment through an online payment method that allows you to pay the fee for your eVisa by using your debit or credit card. The Online payment method is secure, easy, and safe.

·         Security of your Personal Information


·         You can get an Online Visa/eVisa for India in just 4 business days after applying online. You don’t have to visit the embassy to get it. Your online Visa will be delivered to your email address.

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