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When people sign up for the Everest trekking, they are overwhelmed by expectations. And why not? It’s completely justified, as, without a doubt, Everest Base Camp trek is the most wonderful trek out there in Nepal. Everything that you see and experience in this trek is absolutely stunning. It is for a reason that trekkers, once they finish trekking, are engulfed in mixed emotions and a particular sadness at the time when the journey ends.

Though they should be happy, as they’re returning home, they simply can’t. And they take this vow to return to the region again, and they do come back, maybe in a year or 10 years, for one more round. Its things like these that have made Everest Base Camp trek so special

One of the most crucial things about the Everest trekking is the culture in the region. People belonging to different communities live here, and all of them have their own unique traditions, lifestyles, and religious beliefs. You’ll find people belonging to indigenous tribes like Gurungs, Magars, Rais, Sherpas, Tamangs, and so on living in this region. Also, you’ll find Tibetans in the region. These people are originally from Tibet, but after years of living in Nepal, they have become an integrated part of the country. All these groups have their own philosophies about how one should live their life. It’s usually quite an interesting experience to explore all of these.

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mount Everest?

The truth is that the cost to climb Everest depends highly on the climbing partner, like Great Nepal Treks, that you’ve chosen for the expedition. Many climbers have this misconception that the cost of climbing Everest is the same no matter how they decide to go for the climb. If a mountaineer hires an international travel agency to assist them with the climb, the cost to climb Everest will go as high as $45000.

However, if they opt for a Nepalese expedition company like Great Nepal Treks, the cost of climbing Everest drops to the range of $25000 to $40000. An amount of $11000 that is meant to be paid to the Nepalese government as a climbing fee is also generally included in the package cost. The cost to climb Everest may fluctuate also depending on the quality and number of gears that you buy, the features of the package offered by the expedition company, the travel expenses, and the training fees if you choose to attend one, and so on.

Mt Everest Climbing Season

Generally, the best time to go for Everest trekking is considered between the months of mid-March to mid-May. As per the experts, the expedition team should have descended the peak, and reached the base camp by the end of May. From June onwards, the monsoon starts impacting the Everest region, causing both high-velocity winds and snowfall on the peaks. Another great Everest climbing season is between the months of September and November.

By this time, the monsoon is already over, and the weather is at its best when it comes to clarity. Also, the amount of high-velocity wind and snowfall occurring on the peak goes down significantly offering the trekkers the perfect window to reach the top of the peak. Now, though the ultimate Mt Everest climbing season is considered to be Autumn, and the second-best Everest climbing season is said to be Spring, things are a little different when it comes to trekking.


Though trekkers mainly go for Everest trekking is spring and autumn itself, provided that the weather is right, another Everest Base Camp trek best time of year is winter, which is between the months of January and March. It’s impossible to climb the peak in this season, but as mentioned, provided that the weather on particular days are not too bad, trekking seems pretty much possible.

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