United States of America

What can I expect from USA?

The US comprises of 50 states, covering a large part of North America; home to world’s mega cities, some well-known sites and ravishing landscapes, to look forward to.
From the beautiful coast-line of Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, to skyscrapers of New York, Orlando, Las Vegas and Los Angeles; exhibit the wide range of tourist attraction spots to visit. Some of the major locations to visit are The White House, Statue of Liberty, Yellow Stone national Park, Grand Canyon, Empire State Building and many more that could be stated.
For movie buffs, there’s Hollywood, where there are historic studios; living and fulfilling your American Dream.
Visit the west and get an insight of the First World and its extravagant cities and picturesque landscapes; a combination of both, nature and modern culture.

Places to see and things to do in USA

  • New York, to evidence Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, and more to give you city feels.
  • Saint Francisco, located on the West Coast has charming beaches.
  • The Grand Canyon, for its inscrutable depths and horizon.
  • Las Vegas, the glittery city of lights, with extensive entertainment options.
  • Washington D.C., the US capital on the East Coast.
  • Miami, for Sports Car Cruising along Ocean Drive.
  • Hollywood in Los Angeles for Movie lovers, tours you through the historic studios and details of your favourite movies.
  • Utah’s National Parks, where you can witness natural amphitheatres and beautiful rock
  • Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan with beautiful must-see parks and waterfronts.

“Utah National Park”

“San Francisco”

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation –

Accommodation, one of the main costs associated with your trip to US.
There’s a variety of accommodation facilities that you can choose from, from budget motels and hotels costing around $ 50 to $ 90 per night, for two people.
If you could go a little mid-range, then it would cost around $ 100 To $ 200 per night for two; and with luxury living on your mind, you could stay in lavish hotels by spending about $300 or more


Food is comparatively moderately priced with reasonable options.
If you’re eating on budget, it would cost you around $5 to $12 a meal, at food trucks.
With a little more options and mid-range pricing, at decent places, a meal would cost you around $15 To $30; and at lavish hotels, you might end up spending on an average $50 or more per person.


There are various modes of transport available, to get you around US, from buses, trains, planes(Biman Bangladesh Airlines Contact Number) . Car rentals are highly popular when it comes to travelling in the US. A compact boston car service with basic facilities would cost around $200 a week, comfortably accommodating two people going up to $500 for a luxurious SUV.
Public modes of transport would cost an average of $35 to $40 per day on local transportation.

Suggested Daily Budget:

Cost of travelling in the US, I’d estimate would be, (per day/per person): If you’re travelling budget, it would cost around $50 to $100.For a more comfortable stay and living, you will have to spend around $100 to $200.If you do not have budget constraints, and looking forward to living lavishly and splurging, the base is $250 and up onwards. Other then that i can also suggest travelling credit card doubleyourline as it will help you a lot in US.

Money Saving Tips

Split Portions: You can split food portions in US, which would still amount to good quantity. Many restaurants have this split portion option clearly started on their menu.
Travel in Group: Easiest way to cut down your costs would be travelling in groups, so that you can share the cost and save at a lot of places.
Carry your water : Carry your fluids to avoid spending on it. You can refill your water bottles at various places, in turn, saving on packaged water.
Find the deals: Keep an eye out for the deals, when it comes to food; eat-in happy hours, BOGO, Discounts on off-peak times or daily offers. Taking advantage of these deals will help you some quite an amount of money.
Get a box : In case you’ve ordered more than you want, you can ask for boxes at the restaurant, who are more than happy to let you pack and take left portions of the food.

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