What can I expect from Indonesia?

Indonesia, a part from being World’s largest country, spread across a 5000 km long equator, has a diverse fauna and flora. It is a land with vast coastline with beautiful white sand beaches and over 100 volcanoes in the backdrop, myriad of which are capable of erupting at any time.

The experience spans from iconic temples, hush rice fields, volcanoes, wildlife in the jungles of Sumatra and white sandy shores. Indonesia’s ethnic cultural and linguistic diversity range with over 500 dialects and languages spoken by world’s fourth most populated country, with over 255 million people residing.

There are options, when it comes to water activities along the Indonesian shoreline with some epic waves, pumping surfer’s morale and excitement.

Visit Indonesia to experience a great and new side of Asia.

Places to see and things to do in Indonesia

  • Prambanan Temple, a World Heritage site, comprises of the remains of some 244 temples, dating back to 9th century.
  • Banya Wana Amertha Waterfalls, a fall worth witnessing along with surrounding coffee plantations.
  • Bada Valley, near the hills of Lore Linda National Park, where you come across 5000 years old, 400 giant stone megaliths.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba diving in Batu Batong, a popular dive site.
  • Komodo National Park, one of the World’s greatest natural treasures, rich in marine ecosystem.
  • Gili Islands has wonderful turquoise water sugar white sand and exotic beach resorts. With coral reefs, rays and turtles to play with and enjoy dining at some erotic locations.
  • Balinese Dance performances cater great source of entertainment with their fancy costumes, carefully choreographed moves and sweet melody.
  • See Orang-utans in Sumatra and get to know how the primates move around, with close encounter with this creature, on verge of extinction.
  • Jatarka Nightlife is famous for its lavish and low key bars and lounges with some of popular rock music playing in the background.
  • Mount Bromo, an amazing location in Java to experience the sunrise amidst smoke and mist amongst most popular volcanoes.

“Uluwantu Temple”

“Tanah lot Temple”

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – Accommodation here is not as expensive as other exotic locations around the world.

A bed in hostel’s dorm costs around $7 to $12 per night. For a private non-shared room, you’ll have to shed $15 on an average.

If you choose a three star hotel, home stays or book private room through Airbnb, you end up paying something around $12 to $30 per night.

If you wish to stay comfortable without having to manage or cut down on expenses, you can choose to stay in a 5-star hotel at exotic locations, you tend to spend around $50 and upwards.

Food – Food is very cheap here with a variety of local outlets and small food joints, you can have each meal here at $1.

Eating at mid-range restaurants and joints, with comfortable sitting arrangement, you can enjoy your meal for $6 per person.

Western food is a little expensive comparatively, however not extending on the higher side of the price, with $9 per person and meal comfortably. Fast food joints, like McDonald’s will cost you $3-$5 per person and meal on an average.

At fancy places with exotic location and views, serving exotic delicacies of the land, will cost you a little higher, still not much, averaging around $15 per person and meal.

Transportation – People here get around by becak – a three wheeled motor powered or pedal cart with reasonably cheap pricing at $0.36 per kilometre.

Metered taxis are also very affordable here taking you around priced at $0.50 per Kilometre.

Public buses are not used often expect an Java, in Jatarka, popularly known as Transjatarka Busway. Fares to any destination range around $.025 to $65 each trip. You can further save by paying with bus card, costing $3, purchased from station ticketing offices. Long distance bookings for bus ride around Indonesia are advisable to be done in advance, to avoid last minute price likes.

Train network is also strong here and getting around costs around $2 to $15 per person in executive class.

If you’re short on time, take flights around Indonesia with pricing about $20 to $70 per trip. 

Suggested daily budget – If you’re a backpacker, you’re expected to spend $30 to $35 per day, covering your food {considering eating on the streets at local place}, a bed in a hostel dorm, free activities and local transportation.

For better and more comfortable experience, with better but moderate budget, you tend to spend $60 to $65 per day on an average. This would include a private room in hotel or in a budget hotel, home stays or booking through Airbnb. You’re expected to eat and drink at nice places and participate occasionally in parties.

If you’ve a luxury budget, you can do everything luxurious, however, a starting budget would be $140 and upwards there on.

Money Saving Tips

Carry your own water bottle to save both, environment and money on packaged drinking water.
Bargain hard as majority of things are over quoted compared to its face value.
Get to know the place through locals as guides for trips booked through providing you with a personalised and localised insight to every place. They also help you crack great deals on things you purchase.
Book daily tours on for a more informative and hustle-free experience to the places you visit.
Book entry tickets online, to evade the queues and avail discounts, helping you save.

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