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What can I expect from France?

World’s top tourist destination, France, is an amazing place with diversity so vast, that you can spend months exploring the amazing villages and incredible cities. It is a complete package with rich historic, artistic and architectural masterpieces and breath-taking natural landscapes. It’s a combination of places; people like to visit, from sun, sea, valleys, mountains, snow, cultural and modern infrastructure, history, food and as on.

Paris does not stop at Eiffel tower and its towering beauty, it’s also known as World’s Fashion Capital, with a very active night life. In world’s largest wine producing country, get hands-on rich and authentic wine, at best rates and quality, along with Gastronomic foods, so unique and rich in taste, speciality of the place.

If you want to experience French lifestyle and customs, you must visit France.

Places to see and things to do in France

  • Paris, France’s chic and fashionista capital will make you fall in love with it.
  • A tour to Eiffel tower, constructed to commemorate and demonstrate French revolution and its
  • Les Falaises D’ Etretat, for its beautiful cliffs and beaches.
  • French Rivera- a summer attraction for the tourists, is a sea-side town, with pebble beaches and long walk ways.
  • Lavender French fields and cherry orchards in Provence.
  • Cathedrale de Reims, a traditional church dedicated to Virgin Many, a place for connotation of the Kings of France, gives you glimpse of ancient French Architecture.
  • Bordeaux, France’s wine capital is a must visit for wining and dining, French delicacies.
  • Rocamadour, a UNESCO World Heritage site and cliff-top village of Southwest France.
  • The French Alps, to experience serene beauty of nature.

“Eiffel Tower”

“Disneyland – Paris”

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – France provides a variety of accommodation options; with hotels ranging from moderate and average to the most luxurious ones. Accommodation in Paris is expensive as compared to other places in France, with same room costing around 10 to 20 Euros extra in Paris.

If you’re backpacking, you’ll get a single bed in any hostel for an approximate price of 20 euros per night (in Paris) ($18 to $45).

A budget and economy hotel ranges between 100 to 120 Euros per night ($112 to $135) and 70 to 80 Euros per night in other parts of France.

The “Very Comfortable” hotels cost average around 170 To 200 Euros ($190 to $225) and upwards there on in Paris and 150 to 170 Euros ($165 to $190) outside.

Food – If you decide to cook for yourself, it will help you save. In case you want to enjoy French delicacies, purchase pre-made sandwiches at cheap local shops and street vendors, costing you $5 to $ 10 per meal.

Conversely, eating at fancy outlets and restaurants comfortably, enjoying the French hospitality sipping a glass of wine, you’re expected to spend, $20 to $45 per meal.

Transportation – Local public transit systems, including trains, bus and tram system, are reliable and cost efficient with, $1.50 to $ 3.50 per trip.

Taking taxis go tough on budget and must be avoided whenever can. Also, hitchhiking in France is quite safe and common helping you split the bills.

If you are not big on time, you can go for budget airlines, connecting to major parts of France and averages out to $55 to $70 per trip from to Paris to nice averages.

France has World famous high speed TVGV. With close date bookings, from Paris to nice averages it costs around $180 to $205 per trip, however, advance bookings in second class costs approximately $30 per trip.

Suggested daily budget – When we talk about budget travels, Paris is inevitably expensive compared to others parts of France, in all terms whether, transportation, food or accommodation.

On backpacker’s budget, you’ll be spending $50 to $90 per day, by staying in hostel dorms, cooking most of your meals or by eating at cheap outlets, ride-sharing and travelling mostly using local public transport.

For travelling comfortably and moderately, your suggested budget would be around $150 to $170 per day. On this budget, you’ll find yourself travelling in few high speed trains and eating at average food joints and cafes.

With little or no budget constraint, you can travel comfortably and lavishly in some of the most luxurious hotels of France, starting from $200 per day onwards.

Money Saving Tips

Take slow trains instead of fast ones. TGV lines are expensive and closest substitute to them is slow trains, to get around France, with wide inter-connectivity.
Cook you own meal, to save on food or purchase suggested pre-packed food items, from super markets.
Drink wine, as its cheaper than water (as famously said), over other alcoholic drinks
Purchase entry passes for majority places, from, to avoid standing in long queues and avail discounts on them
Look for local tours on to save both, on time and money; for better experience through local guides giving you an insight of the place.

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