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Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Moscow

Moscow is the world’s 7th largest city in terms of population with more than 10 million populations. Moscow welcomes hundreds of tourists every year who spend their trips in Russia. Moscow hosts one of the most wonderful monuments and the Kremlin, one of the World Heritage Sites often visited by tourists who visit Russia. There can be many of you who have not visited Moscow before and desire to know about it. If you are planning to visit, make the list of cool and unusual things to do in Moscow. For the reference, you should check out the content listed below.

If you have packed your luggage and confused what to do in Moscow, just check out the list of cool and unusual things to do in Moscow.  It would be beneficial for you and will definitely add a great spark to the voyage.

Visit The Kremlin

The Kremlin is one of the most prominent monuments of Moscow that is often explored by voyager who tour Moscow. This huge complex was inaugurated in the 12th century as a bastion to protect the city against foreign invasions. The fortress was attacked by the Mongols in the 14th century. Nevertheless, the Russians salvaged control of the palaces in the same century to become the seat of the rule of Cesar of Russia. At present, the fortress consists of several organizations and buildings that are worth a visit inclusive of the Weapons Museum, the Virgin Mary Cathedral, the Diamond Fund Museum, and the Cathedral Arena.

Visit Red Square

The place’s name is sufficient to make you think that it would be a pretty place. When it comes to what to do in Moscow, visiting this place cannot be ignored at any cost. It is connected to the wonderful history of Moscow and that is why it’s worth gets increase a bit more.

The Ideal shopping spot “GUM Department Store”

It is a vast shopping center and a kind of bliss of the shopaholics. It is one of the leading shopping center situated in Europe. It is very much admired all over the world. Whether it is about a range of shops or their architecture, both are just exclusive and unique.

Movie in Bolshoi Theatre

If you are a movie follower, then you must get into the most admired theater in Moscow known as Bolshoi Theatre. At this theatre, you will find three to four different operas. The greatest thing about this theatre is that it somewhere very close to the Russian culture. Travelers who come here always adore visiting it, to get to know about the incredible culture of Russia.

Travel in Moscow Metro

The attractiveness of Moscow metro cannot be explained in few words. The design of the metro is all set to leave you amazed. Without traveling in it, your tour would not consider complete. One who travels in this metro come across so many things all the way through stained-glass windows, paintings, mosaics and so forth.

Visiting Historical Museum

For the travelers having a true inclination toward knowing the history of Moscow, visiting the Historical Museum is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. This historical museum pampers your intuitions about introducing you to the huge collection sighting every segment of the Russian history. It has a variety of exhibitions and takes you to another world covered in the famous history of 21st century. If you are concerned gathering in-depth knowledge about the history of Russia, there is a YES to visit this museum.

The mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin

This tomb hosts the dead body of the Vladimir Lenin, the ex- Russian leader since his death in the year 1924. It has to be noted here that Lenin was mummified and was never buried. His burial chamber is generally visited by many natives and tourists who spend their vacations in Russia.

The Garden of Alexander in Moscow

This garden is considered as one of the foremost national parks to be established in Moscow, the Russian capital. The Garden of Alexander primarily consists of three dissimilar parks. It was inaugurated around the beginning of the 19th century. At present the garden hosts many noteworthy establishments and sections. This is the chief reason why many tourists who tour Russia visit the Garden of Alexander.

In addition to visiting at the wonderful sights of Moscow, the traveler will find that there are a number of places that can be visited just by covering the short distance itself. While exploring this amazing city you will be able to see how the prosperous past of Moscow blends well with the modern wonders that give so much of bliss to it visitors. For your next holiday, you can definitely consider coming to Moscow and get pleasure from this great city Moscow but do not forget to look at the list of cool and unusual things to do in Moscow.