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Moscow the capital city of the largest nation in the world is the hottest hub for the travelers to soak into some Russian culture, dig into history and enjoy the spa experiences. The city is popular for its archaeological discoveries that take you back to the 14th and 16th Centuries. Moscow is known to be an overwhelming experience with its collection of museums, entertainment options, beautiful restaurants and clubs, a lively lifestyle and famous markets to explore the best here. But beneath this lively city is a world of quirky attractions and counter culture places that are truly unusual and cool.

Here are some cool and unusual Things to Do in Moscow in 2019 that will leave you stunned and excited!

Banya Bath at Sanduny Bath House

The age-old tradition of Russia has it that people visit the banyas for their sauna baths that are both rejuvenating and relaxing. The bath is known to consist of different degrees of hot sauna baths followed by cooling off in cold water pools. During the sauna baths, the birch branches are used to beat self for added pain and relief effect. This helps in psychological healing. While it is weird for the other nations, Russians believe that this branch beating helps improve the blood circulation, has a psychological effect and purges impurities. An experience of this cool bathing system at the Sanduny Bath House is definitely a form of challenge to undertake.

The Military Disneyland

Forget the Mickey Mouse or Princess Jasmine and walk into the real world of actions with the Military Disneyland in Russia. This is one of the unique my visiting places in Moscow where a theme park like the set-up of grenade launchers, tanks, missiles and more have been made for the people to visit and dine inside an army land. You can touch, feel and play with these army rations and can also buy some Vladimir Putin accessories while returning. Now that’s pretty daunting, right?

Weird Museums

Russia is undoubtedly one of the popular places where the cities are overloaded with museums. But amongst the popular bunch like the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts or the Hermitage are some truly weird museums which can be interesting and astounding at the same time. Museum of Hygiene at St Petersburg is a museum dedicated to warning the visitors about the dangers of dirt and related diseases. Museum of Soviet Arcade Games is meant of the gaming enthusiasts to slide in the Soviet era Kopek coins and play the game of Hammer and Sickle

Moscow Metro Museum

Launched in 1935, today the Moscow Metro has 12 lines spread across 200 miles with 196 stations out of which 44 are recognized as cultural heritage sites. The Moscow Metro is known for its underground marble and granite designing that subsequently included painted rotundas, chandeliers, art features, art installations and more. The Moscow Metro Museum is one experience where you get to visit the photographic exhibit of the emergence of Moscow and its various constructions. Speaking of the system’s history from the wartime to today, there are also equipment that allow you to experience how moving a metro feels like!

Inside a rocket launcher

Back in history, the Soviet military facility designed this unique space away from the world map to keep its secrecy of tests and rocket launches. Today it has turned into one of the craziest experiences available for the people taking a visit. Inside the Star City, the cosmonaut training center is a glimpse of a stimulated rocket launcher feel where one can go weightless. With zero gravity and dresses like an astronaut, one can have an experience of visiting the past while reaching out to the future!

The bubble baba challenge

On the banks of River Vuoksi is this unique challenge undertaken by the people above the age of 16. Organized for over 10 years now, the Bubble Baba Challenge requires participants to jump on the blow-up sex dolls into the river, and fight to be the fastest floating device-assisted swimmer. It is interesting to see the participants run with the dolls into the water and then float to the winning point. The participants are welcome from anywhere in the world.

The Cool Moscow Cats Theater

Imagine a theater where the cats are the actors putting up the show for you! Indeed the wish has been answered. At the Moscow Cat Theater, hundreds of cats along with humans put together shows of balancing on the balls, walking on ropes and even acting their part for the play. Although a lot debatable for animal cruelty and safety, the theater has its own charm when you attend a show

The Canal Tour

There are more than 300 kilometers of canals covering over 800 bridges of the city. And while it may seem impossible to visit it all, Moscow canal tour has made it possible to visit it all in a ride. The Canal Tour takes the tourists through the waterway in St Peters burg covering the abundance of water and the canals in one ride. It’s a picturesque ride to capture glimpse by glimpse in your voyage!


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