/Cheapest cities to party in summer 2019

Cheapest cities to party in summer 2019

Tans and Pina Coladas, bikinis and beer pongs, Sunscreens and a dive in the sea – aren’t summer parties the best already? Well, the hot bright days of summer does bring along a plethora of reasons to take a break from the usual busy days and travel. And the number of party cities in the world is not falling short of giving us reasons to travel.

The Top 6 Cities in the World for Partying

Whether it is beach parties, pool dives or the good old pubs and lounges – here are our best recommendations for the cheapest cities to party in summer 2019. So if you have been desperately in search of a party place here are the best and inexpensive parties for the season!

Bangkok (Thailand) – Fun abode


Bangkok is a major travel destination for party lovers. This tropical city is home to some of the mightiest of pubs and bars that celebrate the party culture. The infamous places like the Khao San road and the Ko Phangan Island are the hottest hubs in the city. While one part of the city experiences full moon parties, jungle parties and even half moon parties with people drinking cheap beers and going down the slides, the other migrates from pubs to pubs drinking cheap cocktails in signature buckets every night only to end up attending multiple after parties till 5 a.m. Besides giving all reasons to enjoy cools summer breeze, tropical climate and colourful lifestyle, Bangkok easily fits the bills of travelers who want it all for cheap!

Barcelona (Spain) – City of night owls!


Barcelona is a city that truly celebrates the nightlife with a twist. The clubs here don’t get busy before 2 a.m. But when they do it doesn’t stop until morning giving reasons to the locals to start their days late. Barcelona is officially the city of the night owls where people eat dinner at midnight and head to the hole in the wall pubs to spend their dark hours of the day. From sipping sangria on a beach party to playing beer pong in local lounges, it’s a place where locals love to mingle with the travelers to party together. One can roam from Barri Gòtic, mighty beaches to castle style gin bars to dive into the party culture for cheap. It is one of the cheapest party cities you can have on your list!

Miami (Florida) – The Party hub of America


Miami is officially the land to find the best of Dj’s in America hosting the best of parties. The hottest party destination in all of the world, although not as cheap as others, brings reasons to extend your budget. Lots of clubs, yachts, Dj clubs, beach parties etc with a ton of booze, lots of fun and stories to capture – Miami is a complete party hub. Known for its mimosas, Pina coladas, summer beach parties and glam dressing – it brings with it a dash of glamour. To cut your budget short you can look for summer deals or backpacker hostels while you plan to spend more on beer!

Bali Indonesia – Asian’s gateway to party and chill


Over the years Bali has made its name on the summer party list. The hotspot of the city – Kuta Beach is a perfect place to get silly and go pub hopping. While the cool breeze of the beach keeps treating you with summer freshness, the bright nightlife, immersive clubs, high-rise music, and funky cocktails keep your spirits high to dance all night. It is one of the most cherished places to travel for a holiday that encapsulates party nights with rejuvenated days.

IOS Greece – Summer parties at its best


If Greece was to be looked at for summer party cities 2019 – IOS is the popular spot for world travelers. Every year travelers reach IOS with the goal of partying all night and sleeping all day at the Greek Isle heaves. Keeping your worries, morals and anxiety on the ferry, the IOS bars and pubs is the place to get spoilt into the music, play weird games, get drunk and be as sinful as you can probably be. The boat parties here are the biggest attractions with the shimmery lights and loud music playing afloat. IOS leaves no stone unturned.

Prague Czech Republic – Cheap beers and memories


From notorious stag parties, to cheap night clubs serving beers for pennies Prague is a shining summer city for partying in 2019. With the glam, notorious and lively parties held at some of the clubs at Prague, you are to return home with haze memories of what really happened last night. Villa clubs, cheap cocktails, mighty music, lively people – Prague has it all. And given the number of hostels, backpacking hotels, and motel options – one doesn’t fall short of money to fund their holiday!

Is the summer sunshine calling you to a party city? Which one are you heading to?