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Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is another Indian city that’s undergoing a change back to its traditional name, Bengaluru. In contrast to many south Indian cities, Bangalore is a contemporary, fast growing and prosperous place that’s home to India’s IT industry. Many multinational corporations have set up their Indian head offices there. As a result, the city is full of young professionals and has a vibrant air about it, with a flourishing pub culture.

Above all of these aspects, Bangalore is also known as the “City of Gardens’, and this is why it is one of the must-visit places in India. So, here is the list of some astonishing and eye-catching places that every visitor or tourist must experience while going on a holiday in Bangalore:

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Bangalore Fort

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This beautiful is well-known for its historical events when the great Tipu Sultan completed it as his summer retreat. It is one of India’s most famous historical monuments, which was originally constructed by Kempegowda in 1537, further tailored by Haider Ali.

Tipu Sultan fort holds the combination of both Islamic culture and Hindi tradition as you can find a temple of Lord Ganesha. The two-tier fort consists of big pillars, balconies, and carved arches. If you want to know more historical facts then you must visit its art gallery having many attractive paintings and carvings.

Ulsoor Lake

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, this stunning lake is one of the popular tourist attractions in the city. Ulsoor Lake is built by Kempegowda II in 2nd century followed by Dravidian style. It was previously known as Halsur or Alasur and the water body is spread over an area of 1.5 square kilometers.

The area is also famous for celebrating the Ganesha Festival, an event that occurs during the time between the month of August or September. It is surrounded by a frivolous complex with a swimming pool and the largest Sikh shrine of the city. Some other cheering monuments situated near to this tourist attraction are the Kensington Park and a temple dedicated to Subbaraya.

Shivasamudram Falls

Among all of the above valuable mentions, this place gives equal competition by exposing dazzling waterfalls. These falls are situated inside the middle of greenery, so you need to do trekking of about 2 kilometers. Once you reach the destination you will experience beautiful water waves coming and falling through lush greeneries.

This location is also popular as Asia’s first hydroelectric power station. It is also considered one of the best waterfalls in India, and that’s why it has become a favorite spot for tourists. This place is a little far from the city, however, it is a must-visit location.

Nandi Hills

For adventure lovers, Nandi Hills is the best place to visit. It is the perfect location to do several activities like cycling, trekking, bike riding or camping. The place is comprised of some eye-catching viewpoints of the city. And if you want to experience the beauty of sunset and sunrise in Bangalore then no other place is as good as this one.

The name ‘Nandi’ is originated from a temple which is situated 1478 meters above from the sea level, at the top of the hill. You will find many sub-locations around it like the origin of Palar and Arkavathi rivers, Amruth Sarovar, Tippu drop and Nandeeshwara temple. Basically, you will find a peaceful environment and a sense of some adventurous sports.

Lal Bagh Gardens

If you are coming to Bangalore City then you mist visit Lal Bagh because it is comprised of the most beautiful gardens of India. From the theme of Delhi’s Mughal Garden to Persian, Afghani and French plantations, you will get to know that why Bangalore is known as ‘City of Gardens’.

This place is covering 240 acres of area and is well situated in the southern part of the city. It is comprised of several lotus pools and wonderful fountains which enhances the prettiness of lawns and flowerbeds. Overall, this place is the perfect picnic spot in the city for families as well as nature lovers.

Bannerghatta national Park

Bannerghatta National Park is one of the famous wildlife sanctuaries in India where thousands of tourists come to see different animal species. It is spread over 104 square kilometers of area in Bangalore City and was built in 1971. This popular national park is comprised of various wild animals like lions, tigers and crocodiles, and many other species.

Most of the visitors choose to experience safari trips organized by the facilities of the park. These trips offer them to see animals in their natural habitat, except those of lions, tigers, and reptiles. Tourists will see different species of deer, wild pigs, sloth bears, sambar, and hares. Besides to fauna, the park also includes different categories of flora like sandal, neem, zizyphus, tamarind, jalari, and chujjullu.

Bangalore Palace

The palace is covering 430 acres of land and includes several Gothic windows, woodcarvings, and turrets. For visitors and tourists who love to attend concerts and book exhibitions, this place is perfect to explore great events. The construction of this beautiful palace is mainly done by Britishers, which reflects an image of England’s Windsor Castle.

Apart from visiting astonishing gardens and nature expeditions, Bangalore Palace is the one that holds the historical stories of this city. It conducts many exhibitions and concerts every week and elaborates on the stunning architecture of 18th century.

Venkatappa Art Gallery

Venkatappa Art Gallery is a very popular exhibition center in Bangalore City, which is comprised of almost 600 paintings. This place is best for artists, painting lovers, and many other visitors that come from all over the world.

The gallery is divided into two main halls – one hall is dedicated to the stone sculptures representing Mathura and Khajarao School of Art and the other hall displays pottery and clay articles from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

The art gallery has various 20th century landscape paintings and occasional events holding the several art exhibitions. From the panoramic view of the Ooty Lake, Church Hill and Nilgiri Mountain to the beauty of Kodaikanal and Sunrise in Ooty, all the innovative paintings are exhibited on the ground level.

The silicon valley of India is one of the best destinations to visit, not just in India but in the whole world. It has flavors of both green heritage and technological innovations. Bangalore City is also represented as an IT hub of India; still, people love to explore some astonishing gardens, waterfalls, and historical places. This essential guide is very useful for tourists and visitors who are looking to explore the natural beauty of South India.