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Backpackers Vs Glampackers

Travel industry today is expanding like to no other. People are packaging their bags and leaving off to destined destinations to experience liberation from their routines and seek their inner monk. And with each journey we are to meet new kinds of people, carrying their own style and belief into the journey they want to undertake. While the conflict of being a traveler or a tourist hadn’t yet calmed down, there arose a new segment of conflict– Backpackers Vs Glampackers!

Backpacker or Glampacker: Which Traveller are You?

Although seeming a lot similar in context, the Backpackers and Glampackers are very different from each other. Here is what you need to know!

Who are Backpackers and Glampackers?

Backpackers are explorers. These are people traveling with their basic essentials on a backpack and making the journey fit under a budget. Dressed in comfortable wear and independently traveling across places for new adventures – Backpackers are defining a way of travel.

Glampackers are stylish backpackers who travel with glamour and fashion on the edge. Loaded with heavy gadgets, smart accessories, and traveling on high budget – the Glampackers are travelers who like to travel light but are high on budget.

Backpackers and GlampackersExperiences and travel

When it comes to true Backpackers it is the challenges that they are interested in. Opting for new roads, hiking new heights, exploring an unknown land or spending a night camping at a remote locale makes their itinerary satisfying.

Most of the Glampackers are easily labeled as tourists. This is because this kind of traveler seeks comfort and style more than hardships of traveling. The Glampackers are found exploring the famous tourist spots and clicking pictures around them.

What Backpackers and Glampackers like to buy

But when it comes to Backpackers rather than spending too much on materialistic things they focus on buying traditional masterpieces, physical mementos of culture, postcard shots, a replica of structures, etc.

For a Glampacker, shopping at a new place is about visiting a boutique, or a gift shop to explore exclusive things to buy for their souvenirs.

Backpackers VS Glampackers: What’s in their bag?

Backpackers travel with the idea of capturing most of their experience in cameras, diaries or journals when they travel. They carry just the very essentials with them to make the most of traveling light. Experience matters more than glamour.

Glampackers idea is to travel in style. They cannot miss out on stylish clothes, skincare essentials or matching attires for the pictures or experience to be joyous ones. Their glam style of traveling adds up to their experience.

Backpackers VS GlampackersAccommodation

Hostels, camping sites, local hosts or friend’s place – Backpackers opt for accommodation that is light on the pocket. They don’t focus more on comfort or luxury, the idea is to stay with people around who can add up to their experience and perspective about a new place.

For the Glampackers a pampered location is the best choice. They like to choose their space with care to indulge in a luxury bed, hygienic food and a great ambience to lounge.

Backpackers VS GlampackersHow is the experience!

A Backpacker’s journey reflects all the experience they have had in the form of camera rolls, postcards diaries of journals, mementos and more. The whole journey gets captured in the form of experience to put up on the wall or store in their memories.

But for the Glampackers, it is more about loading up the cupboard with expensive designer clothes, shoes, bags and more. Their journey includes going heavy wallets and returning slim pocketed.

From meeting new travelers, seeking new experiences and traveling to serve their own purpose – Backpackers and Glampackers are very different in their choices. The fact that they carry light luggage when heading to a new destination brings them together.