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Among all the exotic beaches across the world like Bahamas, Hawaii and many others, Andaman and Nicobar is a tough competition to these destinations. This location has a group of small and large islands offering great exposures to glowing water bodies, white sand beaches and underwater wildlife. Due to this, tourists in huge numbers visit this amazing destination every year.

From large bluish green water bodies to mouth-watering sea food, these beaches have everything that is expected by a beach lover. Here is the list of must-visit places in this Andaman and Nicobar tour guide which will help first-time visitors as well as yearly tourists to experience every major and minor attraction of this striking location:

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1) Great Nicobar Island

Beginning with the most exotic and largest island of Nicobar, this place is comprised of rich flora and fauna, and many rivers. It is greatly popular for attaining several rare species of birds and animals like long tailed macaque, coconut crab, leatherback and Malayan box turtles, edible nest swiftlet, reticulated python and many others. The best spot to get all of them clicked by your camera is Campbell bay.

Moreover, there is a tall lighthouse residing at the coast of this island from where you can enjoy beautiful views of Bay of Bengal and other islands. Best way to reach this point is trekking, and during this journey you will experience scents of some beautiful flowers.

2) Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur beach is one of the most attractively pleasing beaches, which is most preferred for honeymoon couples. This silent beach is larger and longer than other beaches and gives a sensation of seaside heaven. For the tourists who love peaceful spaces with cool sea breezes, this beach is perfect to spend time alone.

3) Wandoor Beach

Near the southern point of Andaman, there is a village called Wandoor where you will find small islands near the beach. There are several options for accommodating on this beach and you can also hire boats for visiting nearby islands. One of the key places around it is the national park. To start the journey, begin with a walk through the park as the forest department allows strolling in the park and then boating along the mini islands.

One of the most popular mini islands near Wandoor Beach is Jolly Bouy. You will find many tropical species and different corals on the island. As you go for a swim, you will interact with hundreds of zebra fishes floating along with you. You can also go for snorkeling or hire a glass-bottomed boat to experience corals and fishes.

4) Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay beach is a great place for surfers and other activities. It is situated 134 kilometers away from Port Blair, and resides near a beautiful waterfall. For photography lovers, this beach is an endless beauty for them and if they brought underwater lenses then it would be an added advantage.

In order to experience luxury vacations, there are a lot of options available for booking a good resort. Along with photography and beach surfing, you can also enjoy boating and jet rides towards other islands from Port Blair. Thus, this beach is one of the most preferred destinations in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

5) Cellular Jail

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This place is one of the most famous and oldest attractions in Andaman, which was constructed during the British rule. This famous building was used to bring freedom fighters during their struggle. This popular jail reminds the days of struggle for independence. There are light and sound shows in English and Hindi languages that represent the history and the story of struggle in India.

6) Mount Harriet National 

Mount Harriet is one of the largest attractions in Andaman, in which tourists experience a unique jungle safari. Riding an elephant to roam this national park is the main activity here. You will see some great species of both mammals and birds, such as Asian elephants, deer, feral, drongo, owls and many more. You will also see many reptiles like lizards, turtles, frogs, etc.

The next best activity in Mount Harriet is trekking to Madhuban along the trail from the mountain. This spot is very preferable for adventure lovers. During this, you will experience some great species of flora and fauna. Therefore, this national park is the must-visit destination in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

7) Diglipur

Among all other islands and beaches, Diglipur has the highest point in North Andaman called the Saddle Peak. It also has the only river among all other islands. The best time to visit this astonishing island is between December and February, because you will find hundreds of hatched turtles walking towards sea. The best way to experience the whole island is to trek down the Saddle peak, but you will need the permission from forest department.

8) Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar is the largest island in Nicobar district, which is comprised of many rivers. This place is a home for many exotic species in both flora and fauna. You can easily spot Malayan and leatherback turtles, crabs, macaque and swiftlets.

The island also reserves some great tropical species in biosphere. You can experience them all while trekking from Campbell Bay to Indira point lighthouse. Just don’t forget to carry a camera with you, as you will see beautiful birds chirping along the way.

9) Aamkunj Beach

This beach is near Cutbert Bay so you can enjoy a jetty ride to reach this location. It is one of the shallow beaches and hence tourists can enjoy snorkeling and swimming here. There is an eco-park in which tourists will find a tree house. This place is perfect to get panoramic views of the islands and the whole beach.

The beach is the perfect picnic spot for families as well as couples and they can do various activities like beach volley, taking sun bath, diving and many more. Therefore, it is considered one of the best beaches in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Beaches and islands are always preferred as great destinations to enjoy the tropical beauty of the Earth. Andaman and Nicobar islands is one of the best destinations that allow tourists to explore great adventures along the coasts of Bay of Bengal. This essential guide is comprised of most attractive and exotic beaches and islands that can make you visit them every year.


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