/Amazing Things To Do & Adventure Activities in Leh Ladakh

Amazing Things To Do & Adventure Activities in Leh Ladakh

Cold deserts – glaciers – breathtaking landscapes – lakes – captivating culture, Leh Ladakh is a dream destination for the travelers. The picturesque landscapes, sublime beauty and the motorable experience at Ladakh are unbeatable. At every step, this part of India promises to surprise travelers with new adventures. And with the list of Amazing Things to do & Adventure Activities in Leh Ladakh, this heavenly place has made its presence in the heart of millions of travelers.

9 Adventurous Things To Do in Leh/ Ladakh

A tour to Leh Ladakh is most popular around May to August. This is the time when the weather clears up to make it easy for the travelers to explore the vivid offerings and soak into the feel of this surprising land.

Pangong Tso Lake


With pristine clear water, a sense of stillness and a view like a picture out of a painting – Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Leh Ladakh. It traverses the boundary between India and Bhutan. The lake gets frozen during the winters and is a sight to behold. The white sand camping site lets you sit on the edge of the lake and soak into the beauty of it. Activities like swimming, boating, etc are prohibited here. But one can have an experience of ice-skating on this astounding lake during the winters. It’s one of the most popular tourist spots in Ladakh. 


Anti-gravity experience at Magnetic Hill


Ever thought if there is magic still left in the world? Well, you have a first-hand experience of it at the Magnetic Hill. Borrowing its name from the superpowers it possesses, the hill is known to have an anti-gravity magnetic pull. If you park your vehicle on it without the brakes locked, the vehicle shall automatically start moving upwards to the hill. The science behind this phenomenon is still unknown, but it is definitely one of the sights you would want to experience to feel that magic indeed exists.

Highest motorable road – The Umling La Pass


At an elevation of 19300 ft, the Umling la Pass is the highest motorable road in the World. Devoid of civilization and a fascinating load that twists and turns to give an ecstatic view of the Indo-China border is one of a kind. Motoring on this road takes you through two popular villages of this region Demchok and Chismule. Riding your motorbikes on barren lands with no sign of life around is an experience of its own!

Mask Parade at Hemis Monastery


Hemis Gompa is the biggest monastery in the region. And every July it holds an annual Hemis Festival to commemorate the birth of Guru Padmasambhava, a reincarnation of Lord Buddha. As the population here is largely Tibetan, the festival is celebrated in full might. Mask parade is a sacred ritual of the festival where the town turns colorful with people adorning colorful dresses and masks while marching around the city playing music and dancing. The celebrations are held on Tse Chu, the 10th anniversary of the Tibetan Lunar month. For a cultural taste of Leh Ladakh, don’t miss out on attending this colorful festival.


Know the stars From Lamayuru Monastery


The sky looks beautiful every day, but not from the cities. The clear weather and skies at Leh Ladakh offer a clearer star-gazing experience. If the weather favors, one can see a clear dark night sky with millions of stars. It is one of the paradises for the Astro-photographers as with a little arrangement one can get a glimpse of the milky-way and its beauty. One of the popular sights to experience star gazing and know them close is the Lamayuru Monastery. 

River rafting at Zanskar river


The enchanting Zanskar Valley is your companion in Leh Ladakh. With steep terrains, high peaks, snow-capped mountains and the flowing rivers they can astound you with their presence. The whole place echoes when you shout your name. And one of the unique adventures here is to have a river rafting experience at the Zanskar River, which flows in might from the glaciers on the top. The clear cold water with the majestic view of the mountains serves just right for one to sail through a raft boat and delve into the life here.

Bactrian Camel Safari


The two-humped camels of Ladakh were a popular mode of travel to the silk route. And remain to be an immersive experience to witness the joyous ride across the sand dunes of Ladakh. With your local amigo take a ride across the mountains. It’s an exotic experience.


The Iconic Phugtal Monastery


Once a retreat home, the Phugtal Monastery is one of the easy trekking monasteries of the region. This 2250-year-old monastery is built from inside a cave and hence the name Phugtal. It has been a legacy for the Hemis Gompa and is a learning center for teaching, meditation, medicine, preachers and scholars. The honeycomb-like appearance of the monastery with its existence into a cave form is intriguing enough to give this place a visit.

Chemrey Monastery


40kms east of Leh is this unexplored monastery that houses a high statue of Lord Padmasambhava and is known to be rich in history and art. Like a lost kingdom, the appearance of this monastery is very intriguing. The monastery has a huge collection of scriptures stored in gold letters and silver titles which serve as a learning path to the Tibetan scholars. Being non-commercialized, this monastery speaks truly of the lost days of Tibetan lives.

Ladakh is the ultimate motorbiking expedition with vivid ways to explore the hidden mountains. Plan your Things to do in Leh Ladakh beforehand to keep an eye on what not to miss!