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Bali, the Indonesian city is home to diverse rich culture, dramatic volcanoes, breath-taking landscapes and exquisite beauty. Bali is dominated by as much modern lifestyle and development as it is by the culture living and traditional norms. And so it has been a centre of attraction for the tourists world over. So if you browse through Facebook or even happen to watch the popular movie “Eat Pray Love” starring Julia Roberts – you already know the fancy touristy places in Bali.

Traveling to Bali is construed as a holiday that promises relaxation, therapy and peace. But some of the hottest tourist destinations here have turned into hubs of people running for the best clicks, travel modes and more. If you want to truly dive into the goodness of nature and peaceful surroundings of Bali – here are some alternative touristy attractions in Bali which are equally promises but richer in peace.


Call it the second largest and holiest temple in Bali. The first spot is obviously taken by Besakih Temple. Located on Mt Agung, the Besakih temple is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist attractions being a hub of 30 different temples on one volcanic mountain. But the crowd and the fight for tourist activities is so high that the serenity gets lots somewhere. And so Ulun Danu Batur is the temple you should go to. Although the second best, but Ulun Danu Batar water temple is serene, majestic and has its own silent charm. Take a hike around Mt Batur and visit this temple wearing a sarong to truly dive into the culture here and spend some time studying the architectural importance of the history, witnessing the rituals of prayers and dancing to the music played for the god. It’s a celebration!


Won’t you love to visit a waterfall that is exclusively a sight for you? Well that can come true with Gitgit waterfall. While Tegenungan waterfall is on the to-do list of most of the tourists because of its majestic view and proximity to Depansar. But it is always nestled with tourists conducting their touristy activities. A couple of hours ahead of Ubud, is this Gitgit waterfall which is serene, silent and nature’s abode for you. Being divided into three different waterfalls i.e. Waterfall Campuhan, Mekalongan Falls, and Waterfall terraced can be covered in walking distances. The Gitgit waterfall is aren’t so popular to find any tourists exploring them, but for the explorer and photographer in you it can be a sight to behold!

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Kuta Beach has remained as an indisputable choice for water sport enthusiasts, beach lovers and people want to relax in the arms of scenic water waves. But as Kuta beach is getting commercialized by the day,it is difficult to find peace and tranquility here. And so Amed Beach is our suggested alternative to it. With black sand drawn from the Agung Volcano, Amed beach offers one of the unique experiences. Amed beach has been slow with its tourist activities and hence one shall find here some truly delightful restaurants, yoga centers, beautiful views and silence that allow listening to the waves of ocean. Treat yourself to sea food and enrich yourself in the nature’s gifts far away from the crowd!


A hike to the most famous volcanic mountains forms a part of Bali itinerary for every tourist. And the fact that Mt Batur is a sunrise trek that offers panoramic view of popular tourist attractions is a total delight. But if you want to avoid the rush while trekking to a volcanic mountain, choose Mt Agung instead. It’s a better hike than Mt Batur offering majestic views and passing through landscapes that truly brings you close to nature. It’s one of the exciting adventure activities you will indulge in a long time.

Buana Amertha Sari coffee plantation

Indonesia is known for its coffee plantations and specially brewed Luwak Coffee. Instead of visiting the biggest suppliers who hold coffee tasting sessions and in their farms, visit the lesser known ones. Try the locally brewed Luwak coffee enjoy the majestic view of the coffee plantations and take a swing ride common to the coffee plantations in Bali!

From visiting the landmark nestled homes to Seminyak beaches or even the party streets – the crowd of travelers can turn the place chaotic for you. Beat the crowds and take the lesser explored locations for a more insightful and wholesome experience in Bali!


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