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On a trip down the lanes of the most romantic city of the world, one cannot save themselves from the delicious smell of freshly baked French pastries, croissants, and baguettes. The charm of Paris lies in its love and luxurious feel homed into the street cafes and the opulent restaurants that serve the finest of dishes known to this land. While some of the travelers enlist the tourist spots like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc De Triomphe, etc, the food lover’s trip includes details of restaurants and cafes that serve the best Parisian Cuisine.

When on a trip to this lovely paradise that treats you with European history, Roman architecture and mystical fashion and gastronomy indulgences, a taste of Paris includes diving into its cuisine and relishing the taste buds.

Here is the food lover’s guide for the perfect gastronomical itinerary!



The two-bite delight found its origin in Paris. And until Pierre Herme took onto himself to experiment with flavors like lemon, lychee, Corsican honey, orange blossom, rose, etc, Macarons were resolutely defined by four flavors i.e. Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee and Raspberry. Macarons are fairly small smooth meringues filled with ganache served in French Patisseries as delightful indulgence. Paris is the richest and luxurious experience of Macarons with its finest of taste and perfection of flavors. When in Paris you cannot miss a box full of bite-sized macarons assembled for indulgence into a variety of flavors.



On most days one shall find people walking through their usual routine carrying a baguette with them. Baguette is one of the finest baked loaves of bread of Paris with a crusty outer layer and soft inside that one can bite onto for their meals. These are customized to turn into sandwiches, bruschettas, etc for added taste and flavors. Parisian bakers take pride in creating the finest of baguettes. With competitions running to declare the best baguette bakery in Paris to Presidents appealing to make baguette a UNESCO recognition – it is a must-try in the city!



Most of the Paris patisseries and brasseries are known to serve Croque-monsieur as part of their daily 24*7 list. This staple dish made of grilled ham, cheese, and Parisian loaves of bread is grilled and touched with a glaze of béchamel sauce and a fried egg on top to make for a complete meal. This moist and oozy sandwich is the perfect go-to meal for Parisian food lovers.



The gastronomic hub of France, Paris is known for its artisanal cheese shops serving the finest of cheese collections of France. From the mildest of flavors of raw milk cheese to the strong counterparts, the varieties of cheese with their exclusive finish and smooth feel wins over the heart! A trip to some of the finest cheese shops like Androuet, Fromagerie Laurent Dubois, etc is a must for collectives to take back home. These don’t just define an exclusive taste for the food but also pair well with French wines.



The freshly baked buttery smell of croissants surpasses the sight of every traveler making their way in the city in the wee hours of the morning. Making for a savory indulgence for the morning breakfasts, Croissants with the crispy layers of bread filled with sweet and savory fillings is the perfect for match for a fulfilling breakfast when you are running late for your day. For an indulgence into the Parisian lifestyle and their food habits, the croissants are a must-try in some of the best bakeries around the city. The need is to find the bakers who still hold on to the delicious craft of making the perfect croissants.



The wheel-shaped choux pastry is the benchmark for Paris cafes serving delicious delights for the customers. But the indulgence gets a lot better when these choux pastries are served by stuffing praline buttercream, vegetable fillings or nut butter with them. The finely crafted pastries are served with crushed nuts, flavorings, and syrups to go with it. Each bite of choux pastry makes the food lovers experience the blissful romance of Parisian flavors.



The fine, soft and delicious sheets of crepes has been a native dish enjoyed by the people of France as an afternoon snack. Being one of the most popular dishes served in the streets of Paris, it is but a delightful mix of sweet and sour flavors. Mostly the crepes are garnished with chocolate, bananas, strawberries, nut butter, etc to go with it. But the original dish is best savored with dollops of butter and sprinkle of sugar for the rich unadulterated taste!



World-renowned for artisanal chocolates, Paris is a nest for the delirious mix of chocolates and caramels in most of its food. The fine taste of chocolates and caramels is open for all at the Jacques Genin or the Jean-Charles Rochoux for the foodies. This MOF chocolatier Patrick Roger puts up a large variety of chocolates from sweet, savory, tangy to even the most unique blends to dig into the world of chocolates. To truly savor the rich flavors truffles, decadent chocolates, chocolate carousel, chocolate bars, candied nuts, caramel-filled chocolates, etc are a must-try.



The crispy chickpea fries made its way into the perfectly baked world of slices of bread and croissants to make for world-famous sandwiches exclusive to Paris. Crispy falafel combined with soft bread, oozing cheese and herbs is deep grilled with butter to present as the ultimate dish to relish. For breakfast, meals to dinners, falafel finds its place in numerous dishes in France. A bite of the freshly made falafel is all one needs to turn their gloomy day bright in the city.

When in Paris the list of flavors is endless. A gastronomical tour around the hubs of cafes and restaurants in the city is sure to add sinful indulgence for every food lover. Don’t forget to relish your senses with the ultimate taste of the city evident in these chosen artistic Parisian dishes.

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