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Iceland is the realm of stark contrasts where natural elements eternally dance between the primordial poles of fire and frost. This is the island of remarkable landscapes, where rivers run through deserts and fire erupts from ice. This natural beauty offers a range of activities for tourists like taking a bath in superb blue lagoons and hiking in the midnight sun.
Iceland is the perfect destination for nature lovers which is situated at the edge of the famous Arctic Circle and is located in one of the most active volcano spots in the whole world. Natural attractions of Iceland are increasing its popularity every day. At present, this place has the prestige to be one of the most remarkably beautiful places in all of Europe. Those who love the cold but still love taking part in activities while admiring the nature. One can find some of the most amazing landscapes and best waterfalls in Iceland. Aside from waterfalls, there are many other outdoor attractions that one can enjoy. Such as the Thingvellir national park, the famous great geyser, beautiful caves, volcanoes, and mountains, so much to see and so much to do. This is why one should make an ultimate bucket list of all the things they want to see.
Below are some of the most famous and must-see natural attractions of this beautiful country.

1) Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is the popular man-made geothermal spa of crystal clear water. The only site on earth where you can swim in the 40-degree centigrade water year round and yet be encircled by ice and snow. This is the area where a by-product of the Svartsengi geothermal power plant is located and the rich mineral content of lagoon is known to be very helpful to a variety of settings. The impressive making of icy aquamarine waters that sets alongside the black background of the plain landscape makes a spectacular creating and it is the most photographed attraction in Iceland.

2) Lake Myvatn

Because of its magnificent scenery, this place is counted as one of the best tourist attractions in Iceland. Lake Myvatn is also known as the waterfall of the Gods and is considered the most famous waterfall in Europe. There’s much more for visitors to discover like to view the lavishness of bird-life, volcanic craters as well as beautiful lakes.

3) Whale watching in Husavik

Husavik is the prime location for whale watching in the whole of Europe and visitors can pick up any number of tours and guides to chug out into Skjalfandi Bay. The waters in this region are home to a wide variety of species, including Minke, Humpbacks and Giant Blue, as well as puffins and dolphins.

4) Hornbjarg

Hornbjarg is the ocean cliffs which are located in this country’s far northwest. Those tourists who want to explore more of Iceland are treated to the most dazzling sight on Iceland’s entire coastline. The cliffs of the Hornbjarg are razor-backed with undulating edges which are carved against the sky and on its inland part, sheer-hill scoops down to a lovely plateau. These ocean cliffs are situated alongside the pure 534 meters drop to the sea.

5) Raufarholshellir

Raufarholshellir is a lava-tube cave and saunter which is more than 3/4 mile or a kilometer to its dimmest depths. Here, tourists get amazed by its past peculiar ice candles and lava formations. Tourists can just walk straight into this lava-tube cave and are taken to this place with proper precautions and preparations

6) Glymur

This is the highest waterfall of the Iceland whose elegance attracts the tourists. Streamlets like ribbons go downhill of a post into a deep canyon which is mantled in lush mosses and bird nests. Tourists can trek in this area and get pleased with captivating scenery as well as total solitude.

7) Northern Lights of Iceland

Most people visit Iceland just to see this beautiful and natural phenomenon. The best time to see these lights are from September to April when the weather is clear. If one does decide to go hunting for the northern lights then it will sure be worth their time. Tourists can capture one of the greatest natural wonders of the world with nothing to impede their view.

8) Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

During the day, Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a very popular destination for visitors. These falls are considered the country’s most picturesque, and the surrounding geography offers the unique opportunity of seeing them from the bottom or the top of the cliffs above, where the water begins its cascading drop. The 63-meter waterfall is tall, narrow and absolutely awe-inspiring. Within walking distance of Seljalandsfoss, there is another distinctive waterfall called Gljufurarfoss. Gljufurarfoss has an exceptional structure where the cliffs still cover much of the cascading water, leaving some of the waterfall hidden. This striking feature has earned the falls the local name of the ‘spooky falls’.

9 )Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the country’s major touristic attractions and its part of what is known as the ‘Golden Circle’ route of natural wonders. This thunderous waterfall drops 32 meters into a deep gorge and is a photography enthusiast’s dream location. The well-attended visitor’s center narrates the history of the falls and leads to a path enabling you to view both the upper and lower tiers. This is the ‘must-see’ natural attraction for any visitor’s itinerary.

10 ) Skogafoss Waterfall

The Skogafoss waterfall is 60 meters wide and 25 meters high and is a truly magnificent sight for visitors. The force at which the water cascades over the cliff creates a beautiful cloud of mist that, on a sunny day, may form beautiful single and double rainbows during its interplay with the light. Skogafoss is almost as popular with visitors as Gullfoss, which is partly due to its easy access. For a more challenging experience, visitors can follow the trail to the top of the cliff for views of the waterfall cascading down, as well as a panoramic view far beyond the Atlantic Ocean.

Iceland is the magnificent country that provides natural wonders in both day and night, leaving many travelers eager to return for further exploration.


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