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Who doesn’t love to do backpacking? Certainly a very few ones! Backpacking is considered one of the oldest hobbies of mankind. We have discovered new lands and new cultures through this curiosity to explore the Earth. Every year, millions of people spend their vacations doing travel. Studies have shown that people have felt positive changes in their personalities after experiencing backpacking. So it’s an adventure that everyone must dare to do.

But backpacking is not like going out for grocery shopping or going for gameplay in the ground. It requires preparation with essential tools and equipment so you can continue your adventure without getting stuck anywhere. If we analyze the items in the backpack of every backpacker, we would find small things like needle and knife to luxury items like fashion safety glasses. Every person makes sure to get all the required stuff before he/she kick starts the journey.

What should be in your backpack?

We are not perceiving you a child to get some food and water in the backpack. It’s basic and everyone is aware of it. Rather, we would suggest taking some support material to make sure that you are safe and secure throughout the journey.

We will further discuss those essential items that are part of every backpack.

Navigation Tools

Having a smartphone does not guarantee to navigate your route everywhere. Not every deep forest or desert or valley is covered by Google Maps, so you may need to get help through additional tools. Wherever you go for hiking or traveling, make sure to have these items in your navigation kit.

  • Compass (manual or digital). Check its working before the journey. Use compass when you get stuck in the forest or any other deserted area. It will help you find the way when your smartphone’s battery is dead and you have no other tool.
  • Map of your wandering area. Save a physical or digital map of the area that you have chosen. Having a waterproof paper map is a more secure way. Understand the map thoroughly and point out any geographical restriction that you would come across. Understanding the map will swift your journey.

Support Material

  • GPS tracker: Even if you are a regular backpacker, there are chances to get lost while wandering away. It’s safe to carry a GPS tracker device with you. Although smartphones have built-in GPS, it’s for the limited duration until your phone is switched on. Having a separate tracking device with good battery timing is a safer way. This tracker must be linked to another device of your loved one who is sitting at home.
  • Knife for Self-defense: Carrying a weapon or knife does not mean that you have bad intentions. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against any life threat. So always carry a sharp knife so you can encounter any dangerous creature. An additional benefit of having a knife is that it will help you cut the vegetables and fruits.
  • Sports Watch: Sports watches with long-battery are the good companions of backpackers. While buying the travel watch, make sure it has these features; waterproof up to 10 meters at least, night vision ability, day, date, alarm, compass, and battery time. Modern smartwatches introduced by cellphone manufacturers have all of these specifications. But those are not as durable as sports watches are. So wearing a watch will enhance your safety and outlook too.

Personal Safety Equipment

Get personal safety equipment to prevent any safety hazards. During the journey, you may get eye-bite by an insect or a swallow face by a worm. So, ensure your safety from any natural or animal or man-made threat by following the safety measures.

  • Always have a raincoat to protect from rain, snowfall, or any other extreme weather condition.
  • Use safety eyewear that gives you safety and a glamorous look. We need to be more careful about the eyes as they are more fragile than other body parts. We understand that nobody wants to spend extra bucks on buying old-fashioned glasses. So you can get  goggles online to get safety and glamor both in one pair of glasses.
  • Get a face shield to protect your face. Sometimes during the wandering, you may get hit with an object and get hurt badly with a bare face. Using the face shield or helmet in the danger zone like deep forest and cliffs will ensure face safety.
  • First-aid equipment is also part of every good backpack. Many backpackers get permanent injuries due to the absence of first-aid medical treatment. It’s not just for yourself; it’s for your fellow backpackers also. Also, learn how to give first-aid to an injured person so you can save a precious life in case of an emergency.

In addition to the above tools, make sure to add anything in your backpack that you seem necessary depending upon the geographical conditions of the area you want to visit.

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