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“Live your life by a compass, not a clock” once said by Stephen Covey, a famous American speaker. This quote truly represents the life of persons who wants to spend their lives with not a straight line. They need to have a curve in life as we call it adventure and thrill. Travel is not a luxury; it enlightens a person in every way. We realize facts about this amazing world that we have never seen before.But being a traveler, does it mean that we start our journey without any planning? Certainly not! Safety is the basic instinct of humans. Whether we go out downtown or on a long journey, we try to make us secure from any potential danger.

The same is true when you start your adventurous trip alone or with your partner. You need to have some safety equipment e.g. flashlight, safety glasses, raincoat, and first-aid, etc.In this blog, we will discuss some tips to make every journey smooth and safe.

1-Prepare your checklist: Start your travel plan by preparing a checklist. Include every small item to the necessary things on the list. Before kicking off your journey, make sure that you have check listed every item on the list. Your checklist must include essential items like your wallet having your ID, sufficient cash, cell phone charger, torchlight, fuel gallon, water, food, personal safety equipment, and emergency contact.Prepare your backpack in such a manner that you can get the most-used items immediately. It will make your journey pleasant as you will not be worried about the lack of any essential article.

2-Get all information about your route and destination: Don’t start your journey with an empty mind. Prove yourself a responsible traveler by getting all the required info. Get all information about the route of your travel. Take info from all reliable sources. The Internet is the best tool in this regard. Consider the following things while planning your route:

  • Present weather condition (is there raining, snowfall or hot weather)
  • Restaurants or motel
  • Road condition (is there highway or any other road)
  • Rest areas
  • Gas stations

3-Keep someone updated about your location: Traveling is an experience that carries different situations. Not necessarily we face happy people and happy conditions all the time. We may encounter with any difficult situation where we need someone to come. Like we can get sick or face any natural disaster on the way. So wherever you go, make sure to share your exact location with someone you trust. Share with that person who can come immediately upon your call. Sharing the exact location will make sure that someone back there is tracking your movement and he/she is careful about you. However, you should call 911 or any local emergency service if you need immediate assistance.

4-It’s okay to not knowing everything: Ask others. Nobody is a master of everything. So don’t assume that you need to know everything to start traveling. People learn from others and grow. So ask your fellow travelers about anything that you are not sure of. It’s better to consult an experienced traveler. You can also google about those things. So rather than proving that you don’t need others’ advice, open your mind to a sincere opinion. It will help you many times during the journey.

5-Take First-aid medical equipment: During the travel, we can get sick or injured due to any natural or man-made incident. Suppose you are wandering in the wild Amazon and you get injured by falling or slipping off, how can you cure yourself? Would you wait for the rescue service to come? Surely not! You can’t cry too long. The solution to this issue is having first-aid equipment along with you. You or your partner will get first aid treatment immediately. It will save you from any major or permanent harm to your body.

6-Make sure to get personal safety equipment: As we may face any uncertainty during the journey, it’s better to get personal safety equipment before starting the journey. A PPE kit should be part of your backpack. Having this kit will make you ready against any physical danger. It is vital against injury. You can get the whole kit or get each safety wear separately. Like you get cheap glasses online from any authentic and ANSI approved seller. Studies have shown that travelers having a PPE kit enjoy a safe journey.

7-Daring is good but stupidity is not: Traveling is another name of showing courage and daring as we face many difficult situations. Throughout the journey, we experience our hidden instincts that have never shown before. But it doesn’t mean that you start stupidity. Don’t do stupid activities like jumping from too high places, catching fire, and urging others to do such things. Don’t compromise safety over thrill. Because you don’t get life with a completely healthy body and mind again

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