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Four billion videos are considered on YouTube each day; 27 million videos are watched every 10 minutes, and 2.7 million are regarded each minute!
So how come you haven’t launched a YouTube channel to your business, but? Maybe you are protecting yourself again because you trust one of these five myths.
Exposing these five myths need to ease each entrepreneurs’ fear and anxiety approximately diving into video advertising.

YouTube, Your Business and 5 Myths of Viral Video

Recently, YouTube’s institution product manager Baljeet Singh wrote a piece of writing entitled “YouTube, Your Business and 5 Myths of Viral Video”.

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Myth #1: Your Video Has to Go Viral, or It’s Worthless
Even if millions of humans had been watching your motion pictures, it doesn’t assure fulfillment. Millions are useless. Having the right human beings looking is essential!
Singh cites a toy enterprise, Rokenbok, as a top example.
At a time while the area of expertise toy stores was remaining down, Rokenbok started a YouTube channel showing pleasing and informative motion pictures. These films have led to the shop flourishing when they otherwise might be out of commercial enterprise.

Because their toys are costly, they don’t assume humans to shop for anything the first time they learn about Rokenbok. The organization recognizes that they want to build a courting with the circle of relatives first.

It sounds like loads of entrepreneurs would not it?
Rokenbok now says, “YouTube is becoming our maximum critical car for advertising and marketing.”
Lesson Learned: Don’t worry, approximately going viral! You can have fantastic video advertising achievement without it.
Myth #2: Only Funny Videos are Popular
Can you believe you studied something greater boring than ceiling tiles?
Ceilume, a 40-character organization that produces decorative ceiling tiles, has collected more than a million video views on its YouTube channel, and income has increased by employing 15% as a result.
What’s so fascinating about their movies? They educate their audience on the way to installation, restore, and smooth ceiling tiles, and that they exhibit the excellent and rate of their product.
This topic may not be enticing to you or me, however, to their target market, it’s beneficial, instructional and glaringly has made an impact.
Lesson Learned: Stop looking to be humorous! Create videos that interest your audience by offering them data they can use and benefit from.

Myth #3: Only Young People are on YouTube

Singh says that “55% of all ladies 18-54 use YouTube.” And YouTube reaches 20 million girls aged 35-fifty four. (Oprah’s internet site reaches 19 million!)
Be positive to optimize your motion pictures with keywords that practice on your target market, and no matter what their age, you’ll discover them on YouTube.
Lesson Learned: Even if your target market is over the age of 18, you’ll discover them on YouTube. So you need to be there too, geared up to offer them what they’re looking for.
Myth #4: People Only Watch Entertaining Videos on YouTube

Uh, re-examine Myth #2 above. A million views for a ceiling tile channel!

In truth, “the way to” motion pictures are searched three instances greater than “Music Videos. How-to motion pictures rock!

A quick search of how to motion pictures on YouTube exhibits movies on

the way to:

Grill like a seasoned
Apply make-up
Plant a lawn
Change the oil on your car
Replace your pool filter out
Scoop dog poop
Yes – how to scoop the doggy poop! One such video has over 2,500 perspectives!
Lesson Learned: Even if you or your commercial enterprise is as dull as dishwater, a how-to video centered on your marketplace can raise your business enterprise and income.
Myth #5: Videos Must be Professionally Done to be Effective
Some of the “decrease production price” motion pictures that are shot simultaneously as just playing around certainly perform as well as the scripted “higher manufacturing price” movies.

In truth, while Usher first signed

(who to start with received his

visibility through YouTube), the recording label made the intentional and strategic choice to continue constructing Justin up on YouTube with domestic-produced movies before launching his first album.

They diagnosed the notable electricity and authenticity of “unprofessionally produced” video distributed thru YouTube.
Rokenbok Toys (from Myth #1 above), likewise, determined that a number of their “decrease production fee” films shot even as just “playing around” carry out in addition to their scripted “better manufacturing fee” films.
Lesson Learned: You don’t want to look slick if you have actual content focused closer to your market.
So there you’ve got it. The five myths uncovered!
Video is fast turning into an “ought to do” for small enterprise success. And it’s quite clear. If you are not taking the gain of video advertising and marketing to your commercial enterprise, you’re leaving money at the desk.

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