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Cape Town is the popular spot due to grand mountains panoramas, prestigious beaches, and safari explorations. Let’s begin the journey to a new life with these top 5 must-visit honeymoon destinations in Cape Town

Cape Town has become a popular holiday spot because it has many grand mountain panoramas, delightful fooderies, prestigious beaches, and some great safari explorations.

A honeymoon is a very special period for couples after marriage and it needs to be full of fun and joy. Almost every couple wants to make it special and to do this they look for some astonishing destinations where they can spend quality time with each other and make their bond stronger. One of the best and unique locations to spend your honeymoon is Cape Town in South Africa, which has a combo of adventurous, romantic and relaxing gateways. Here’s a list of 5 must-visit honeymoon destinations in Cape Town.


Lion’s Head


It is a great hiking and adventurous place where couples can climb together and experience the beauty of a sunset over the city. The view gets better at nights when the sky is full of stars. Spending time with your partner under the roof of amazing sky views will offer you some amazing moments together.

You can also do early morning hiking to evidence refreshing sunrise, starting your day with an energetic experience. Most of the people and tourists suggest visiting or doing hiking at this place on a full moon to make this trip more amazing.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens


Kirstenbosch is a stunning place where couples can enjoy blooms of beautiful gardens and parks. It is best known as an outdoor picnic spot which consists of the great existence of nature and greenery. Other than gardens, couples can also enjoy morning walks, concerts, lunch and dinner, romantic movies, and or any other occasion.

With rich and diverse flora, try to indulge in delicious foodie picnic with your partner in afternoons. Under the shelters of nature, you will be able to spend some good moments with each other while checking out some astonishing viewpoints.

Cape Winelands


This dazzling place is best known for a 40-minute hot-air balloon ride over vineyards of South Africa. With a gentle breeze touching your cheeks and stunning panoramas, you will experience great views and scenes with your partner from great heights. The ride usually done in the evenings and under clear weather conditions so make sure to consider these factors while going for an air balloon trip.

Meet the Penguins at Boulders Beach


Another great and beautiful exposure of nature is Boulders Beach, where you will find the company of little happy-feet penguins. This place nearly lies along with False Bay coastline and known as a large colony of African penguins. The place is protected by nature reserve authority so you will need to pay a little fee to enjoy the company of penguins.

When you enter the reserve, you can find a spot to sit quietly and watch penguins playing around. Or you can also dive into Indian Ocean’s wildlife and meet some apex aqua beings.

Colossal Table Mountain


Table Mountain symbolizes Cape Town as the Mother City. It is 1086 meters tall from where you can enjoy sensational sunsets and sunrises. You can either do hiking to climb the mountain with your partner or you can opt for a cable car to reach the top of the mountain in just four minutes.

The best time to visit this attractive place is sunset when the never-ending ocean meets the sun on an undefined distance. And once the night comes up couples can enjoy glowing city lights, exposing the beauty of the city. These views will amaze both of you and you can create some special moments by bringing up a Champaign!

Undoubtedly, Cape Town is a deadly combination of safari exposures, adventurous hills, astounding beaches and unmatchable nature’s existence. There are numerous activities you can do with your partner to make this honeymoon worth remembering for your lifetime. So, pack your bags and experience some unique endeavors in South Africa to make your honeymoon special.


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