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In the past decade, almost 70% of the Indian beaches have been commercialized. Thanks to the booming tourism industry, people no more find difficulty in reaching out to these mainstream beaches with shacks, stores and hordes of people walking through the splashing waves. But it can be overwhelming at times.

India has a very large coastline. Look through the magnifying glass and you shall find some amazing untouched beaches in India which still rest preserved from the tourist’s eyes. Some are beloved escapes for the local villagers while other have a sense of character that makes them so serene and peaceful – The hidden beaches of India speak of nature’s irresistible charm, breathtaking view and serenity!

If you are looking for an escape around the white-crested waves away from the tourist’s track– look no more. We have outlined for you some

hidden treasures of Indian coastline

that are hard to spot on the GPS locator but surely are an indulgence for the adventurous ones to embrace the beauty of the nature with naked eyes!

5) Radhanagar beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


12 kilometers away from the Havelock ferry pier is a serene beach names Radhanagar beach. It is known to be has the laziest of waves (No harsh splashes on you!) and does find a mention in the Time Magazine’s “Asia’s best beach” title. It’s a wonder how tourists have not yet been traveling to this beach to experience the captivating pristine beauty, white sands, rocky edges and majestic view that isn’t any short of a painting. Radhanagar beach is definitely god’s beloved creations when it comes to its splendidness.

4) Nirvana beach, Karnataka


Gokarna is the next Goa! But travel 30kms ahead of Gokarna to the village of Kumta in Karnataka and you are to experience one of the most magical virgin beaches ever. Nirvana beach, as the name goes is a breathtaking beauty captivating your mind with its sunset view and peaceful purity. Chances are you could be the only one walking through the beach when you visit. The golden sand, blue clear water and just nature – now that’s a perfect place to hide for your holiday!

3) Chandipur beach, Orissa

Orissa is the land of hidden treasures. Chandipur beach happens to be one of the most pristine treasure abode in Orissa. Located near the Balasore district of Orissa, is this charming and revering beach that is close to only sleepy villagers here. With no sign of tourists or activities, the place is clean and loaded with natural beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Seep into the lurking beauty of nature on the foothills of Chandipur beach!

2) Ezhimala beach, Kerala

Kerala is rich in seaside view. And if you are on to explore some hidden treasures, put Ezhimala Beach on your list. 55 kilometers away from the town of Kannur, is the sea side heaven that is rich in natural heritage and history. Ezhimala is known to be of importance in Ramayana, and is also home to one of the biggest Naval Academies in India. With coconut trees surrounding the carved pillars, the beach is the ultimate site to replenish your senses. Ezhimala beach is a careful mix of fresh water, golden sand, beautiful landscape and blissful silence.

1) Butterfly beach, Goa

Still can’t overlook Goa?  Away from the crowdy-flashy beaches of Goa that are filled with adventurous activities and commercialization is this secluded beach to go to! Overlooking the bright blue water of the Arabian Sea is a straight out of the poetry beach, Butterfly beach is in Canacona. It is not accessible by road. You might have to trek a few hours to get here or hire a ferry from a nearby beach to reach to the butterfly beach. But the pristine silence, undying beauty and freshness that this beach has – it will all be worth the efforts!

Answer the quest of an escape on a stranded beach by visiting some of these hidden gems.  We are sure you are on for an adrenaline rush that soothes your senses!


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