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Whenever we think of a vacation the first of all things that strike in our mind is the place where we want to spend our vacation. Various things need to be considered such as the climate, famous places in that city and special events that are performed for the entertainment of the tourist. Ohio is one of the ideal places which people usually consider for visiting their vacation. Ohio is the Midwestern state of the U.S.  It is the geographical crossroad in North America. It is the most reasonably priced destination for a family vacation.

There are various things to do in Ohio and we can say there is a collection of a variety of carnivals that occur in Ohio. There are majorly 10 Weird and Unusual Things to See and Do in Ohio which are as follows:

The Cabin Fever Arts Festival

This festival is for every art lover and this is a festival that should not only help you to gain a very good insight into the entire art culture of the place, but you can certainly get a lot of imports into your own artistic sense to stop from wooden furniture to stained-glass to ceramics, there has never been a dearth of materials in which people can portray their artistic sense.

Admission to the Cabin Fever Arts Festival is free., To Join, Visit – Ohio travelers

The Ice Festival

If you love ice made and things ice sculptures then it could be the most excellent vacation for you. The ice Festival houses a lot of striking ice sculptures, and also goes for creating a logic of never-ending coldness within the warmth of the city. The carnival is held in Medina, and a lot of natives from the community visit the festival in order to enjoy the beautiful arts in the ice sculptures. There are also a lot of competitions between the artisans about the ice sculptures, and a handy amount of money is given to the winner.

Medina Ice Festival is free. To Join this festival Visit – Ohio Traveler

The National Packard Museum

It is the best place for the people those love ancient arts. This museum is located in Warren. Housing a lot of beautiful artifacts and many ancient vehicles, you would never feel out of the place in this wonderful location. There is also the presence of a research center, which can bring about a lot of changes to the entire functionality of the museum. In this way, a visit to the museum can enrich your artistic sense, along with your historical sense at the same possible moment, and bring about a lively memory of this place.

Official Website Of National Packard Museum Is


It may be the first thing you think of when you think of Ohio, and there are many marvelous places to skydive in Ohio. Many people who have been skydiving for a while like to try their sport in different areas and see that area from their unique viewpoint, so if you are traveling to Ohio you should think of seeing Ohio from the sky by skydiving.

Experience the thrill of skydiving just 90 minutes north of downtown Columbus, only 60 minutes from the Polaris area! To Book this Experience, Visit – Ohio Skydiving Center

Annual Dead of Winter Event

In Channel Fulton, you can visit for the Annual Dead of Winter event. This is a chance to have a feast in a century-old building that once housed a saloon, mortuary, and grocery store. You will also have the chance to hear presentations on psychic investigators and a psychic medium. They will also give you an idea about how to use ghost-hunting tools so that you can do your own hunting in the basement after the feast.

For More Info About this Event – Visit –

Ohio Dirt Track Racing

Ohio opened as Mansfield Raceway in the year 1959 with little more than a dirt track. In the year 2007, they altered their name to Mansfield Motorsport Park to imitate the addition of the National-level drag strip. Their aim is to offer all race followers a wide variety of motorsport dealings and the new name reflects that idea.

The Symphony Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonie

The circus comes to the Ohio Theater every year and performances include everything from magicians to aerialists, all to the melody of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. The circus takes place during May on the first Saturday of every year. It is a once a year event that is pleasant for anyone who is youthful or young from the heart.

Salsa Music Festival

If you love Salsa music, you will like the Ohio Salsa Music Festival. This carnival takes place at the Bar of Modern Art and takes places during the last weekend of May of each year. Whether you are fresh to Salsa or if you already familiar with this type of dance, you will definitely love the evening of Salsa dancing and entertainment.

Revolutionary War and Civil War Reenactment

Tourists can experience Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments during the second weekend of July, at Century Village. Crowd portraying soldiers from the year 1770 to the Civil War present camps, have a discussion about life in wars as well as renovate famous battles of both the Revolutionary and Civil war during this once a year event that takes place at Century Park.

Festival Of Lights Parade


Among various things to see and do in Ohio, Festival Of Lights Parade is last but not the least. It is celebrated in the foremost Sunday of December; it celebrates holiday customs with a parade right through the heart of downtown Ohio. Together with the lighting of the city Christmas tree is done by the mayor each year on the Friday prior to the parade to boot off the holiday season.

These events and festivals are excellent for seeing bits of the state that you ignore by just visiting the large cities. These 10 Weird and Unusual Things to See and Do in Ohio are great for weekends or vacations.


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