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Mauritius (as often thought) is not limited to exotic beach and its resorts, but, a mash-up of serene
wildlife, mesmerizing mountains and spectacular white sand beaches.

700 miles east of Madagascar, situated in Indian Ocean, this island country is full of wondrous and marvelous adventures with picture perfect backdrop. With some of the world’s best beaches, Mauritius is an incredible and pristine in every corner.

Reasons to visit Mauritius

1) Beautiful white sand beaches:


A beach front of nearly 100 miles, the sand has a different shade of white as you travel across various geographical coasts. North Coast is more popular amongst families and couples, compared to South Coast, which is filled with kite surfers and experienced divers.

2) Swim with the Dolphins (and may be whales, turtles, and sharks) at Le Morne:


Mauritius’ clear and warm waters with vibrant coral reefs are home to amazing and exotic marine ecosystem. It is considered one amongst the world’s best diving and snorkeling destination.You’ll be astonished when you witness the haven for fish, dolphin, turtles, sharks and whales round the year.

Humpback whales are found only in the migration season spanning from late June to early November every year.

3) Luxurious Spa Retreat:


Mauritius is home to some exclusive and luxurious properties. The luxurious hotels with exotic locations and amazing infrastructure do every bit of justice to the place.

It’s also one of the best places for champagne lovers.

4) Experience and witness Wildlife in Mauritius:

Ile aux Aigrettes, a small island has some of the world’s endangered species, rare birds like pink pigeon and animals like Aldabra giant tortoise.

It doesn’t have safaris like Africa; however, it does exhibits a unique wildlife, with variety of rare species.

5) Visit Mauritius Finest Rum Distillery:


Rhumerie de Chamarel, you can go on a tour to learn how rum is made in rum distillery. This is popular for its rum distilleries along with the rum that is prepared here.

You can get to see the whole process of how rum is prepared, right from extraction of sugar from sugarcane (as rum needs lot of sugar) till the rum reaches its final stage. Sugarcane is also produced in this country, at a large scale, most of which goes in preparation of rum.

6) Get mesmerized by the beauty of Seven Coloured Earth/ Chamarel Coloured Earth:


It is famous attraction, unique to the place with colours appearing due to a volcano even, causing the soil to change shades of purple, blue, green, brown, yellow, red and orange. To witness different layers of colours in the soil, the area is fenced up.

7) Spend a day at Port Louis:


Port Louis, capital of Mauritius, showcases the extravaganza French Colonial Architecture. You’ll find yourself spoilt in luxury, with world class hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment venues in this part of Mauritius.

8) Visit the secluded island of Ile aux Aigrettes:


The island of Ile Aux Aigrettes is formed of coal limestone with most exotic and unique flora and fauna, prevalent here. The place has been devoid of human presence for a very long time, making it an untouched natural beauty.

9) A dip in Grand Basin or Ganga Talao:


Grand Basin or Ganga Talao is a lake that is situated within an extinct volcano crater. On the Northern side of the lake, you’ll find a Lord Shiva Statue which is 108ft. tall and considered second largest in the world.

According to mythology, the water here is considered sacred and derived originally from the river Ganga, located in India. A dip in the lake on the day of Shivratri is considered auspicious.

10) Perfect climate round the year


Mauritius is considered a perfect round the year destination. The main reason of this pleasant climatic condition is its location that is just above the Tropic of Capricorn.

If you’re looking to visit this place for scuba diving and other water sports then the months of January to March are best. This is when the country experiences wettest climate conditions.

If you want to visit Mauritius for surfing the best months are from June through August (because of the winds). The hottest months are January with temperatures going up to 26 degrees coldest being July with temperature close to 21 degrees.

However, April to October is considered low season with prices slightly low compared to other parts of the year.

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