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Nagaland is one of the most Beautiful destinations to explore in India. You never know what wonder you could witness every next door in Nagaland. From exquisite valleys, Jungles and waterfalls to splendid fauna and tribes, Nagaland has a lot of variation to offer.

With its enormous beauty and Cultural and traditional legacy, Nagaland stands to be the pride of Northeast.  The vivid culture here has so much intriguing experience to provide to tourists that are enough to bait them for a visit. The unique cuisines and the eccentric festivity they participate in is all an exotic delight to encounter which is certain to full one’s wandering soul with ecstasy and astonishment.

A visit here would leave you with mesmerizing experiences that would get intimate to your soul for lifetime.

So here we begin our journey to some enticing spots in Nagaland that confirms to the norms of surreal travel escape:

1. Kohima

Being the Capital of Nagaland, Kohima is one of the major business and economic centre of the state. Despite witnessing great development on commercial front the city has not lost its natural beauty. It still remains the most scenic place to visit in Nagaland.

This pristine town has developed to its best and still retains its traditional touch which is the best feature about it that makes it worth visiting. From Zoos to Museums the city has something in store for all kinds of travellers. Apart from all this stuff this dynamic city has much more to amuse to you. Be it the Hornbill festival or some other cultural affair, every event here is a rare delight.


2. Mount Pauna

Nagaland is all surrounded with enormous mountains and valley. This is what makes the beauty of the place. Mount Pauna is one among them, this vast stretching range offers the prettiest landscapes you would ever imagine. And to have a close revelation of this beauty you can try the adventure sports there. Be it trekking, para gliding, camping the hilltop offers everything you would probably ask for. So, do you even need to give a second thought to such hospitality by nature?

3. Meluri

Meluri is one wondrous miracle of nature. This exquisite valley has a lot of magnificence to offer which brings in a lot of tourists. Also, there is Shilloi lake near the valley which is a prime attraction for tourists. Along with exotic flora and fauna, this town has some other delights too for nature lovers like exciting rocks and minerals. Primarily, the town is known for the Pochury tribe who resides all over the place. They are the best of the hunters and this is the amusement this town provides to the travellers here.


4. Kiphire

If you are seeking some fun out of your Journey then be certain to pay a visit to kiphire. It has all kinds of adventures to entice an audacious soul.  All kinds of adventure sports like Trekking, river rafting canoeing, rock climbing are offered here that one could indulge in. Apart from these modern adventures the town has kept its ancient connection alive, the existence of age old caves here confirms to this very fact.


5. Wokha

This place is undoubtedly deserves the title of valley of colours. The vivid coloured orchards, the vibrant flower gardens, the unsinkable blue sky, the sparkling blue-green rivers and what not. All this in one place makes it a delightful package of its own kind. The hotels here are doing really well because tourists prefer staying here to witness this beauty closely.

Also, if you want to have an intimation with the culture of the place the tribes here prove to be a very reliable and interactive source. So, if you are looking for beauty with personal interaction then give this place a chance.


6. Mokokchung

Seeking a homely stay with amicable cordiality then Mokokchung is the perfect choice. The tribal people here are very amiable and provides a unique kind of welcome. The tourists here could stay in home guest houses where they receive the treatment with utmost warmth and generosity. This is the place where you would actually get in an intimate touch with the traditions of the place. Participate in their festivals and you will go gaga over their eccentric ethnicity.


7. Mon

How can we miss to pay a visit to Nagas when we are in their official land? Not by any chance I believe…!!

If you are ready to witness the peculiarity of the place then ride into this town for sure. Here you are going to meet the real ethnic fanatics of Nagaland. People with stout builds, eccentric dressing, black teeth, naked bodies, scary tattoos are all you are going to encounter with. So, make sure to stop by this town in order to get some real taste of Nagaland.


8. Dimapur

Dimapur is the must visit place in nagaland. In naga language Dimapur meas ‘the city near a great river’. There are many places to visit in the Dimapur like Zoological Park, Nagaland Science Centre, Green Park yet its main highlights remains handicrafts and handlooms.


9. Phek

Phek is a district in Nagaland. It is also known as land of festival, you can experience folk dance and music while visiting phek. Phek is best place for people who love trekking and also for the histroy lovers.

10. Khonoma Village

It is located at just 0 km away from Kohima, It is a small village that reminds people enriched heritage and cultural legacy of Nagaland. Every spot of this village reflects the old glory of Nagaland.

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